Life Span and Positive Personality Traits

Though your personality to some degree is hard-wired into your very existence it does not in fact predestine you towards certain outcomes. Through careful research the National Institute of Aging has recently identified benefits of possessing generally good personality traits which have an affect on your likelihood of living a long life span. It seems that people who are generally calm and collected are more likely to live long life spans.

Your personalities affect on your life span does not stop at your ability to remain calm however. It seems that other personality quirks which are more in control of the average person have a noticeable effect on who will live longer. You can change your quirks a bit to be more organized, emotionally stabile, disciplined, conscientious, or resourceful. All of these personality traits have some affect on your life span.

Life Span and Mood

In addition to improving your personality and your tendencies as a means to extend life and live longer you may also wish to understand the relationship between your mood and your life span.

It has long been noted that people who are in generally good spirits live longer. A lot of this is attributable to the relationship between healing and attitude and to the effects of depression on life span. Typically people who are recovering from sickness or diseases such as heart disease and stroke find they are more likely to recover if they have a good attitude throughout the process. Depression is a self-fulfilling prophecy it seems and many people have a hard time overcoming it.

Ironically the classic stethoscope may be an excellent illustration for a patients fight to live longer. Doctors who monitor the heart of a a heart diseased patient may find that the sounds of a heart in recovery are healthy but they never know how the patient will make out in the future. Often times when the heart in recovery sounds good a good indicator of future outcome can be found in the patient's mood.

Similar to heart disease, diabetes and pre-diabetes are other common diseases that people develop over the years which decrease average life spans. By controlling these conditions by improving insulin resistance or by carful management of blood sugar those patients who are more careful, optimistic, organized, and resourceful will end up living longer.

It's very important to your health that you remain in good spirits but even more-so it is important to avoid these diseases all together. Practice good nutrition and stay active and you may not have to rely on your personality traits and personal tendencies to increase your life span.