Red Ring of Death claims another victim


Red Ring

    Three days ago my Xbox 360 came down with the dreaded "Red Ring of Death". This problem has become so infamous within the gaming community that I believe it warrants capitalization. Essentially it means that there is a general hardware failure and it means exactly what its title says, the death of your Xbox 360. There are numerous tutorials online for curing this disease however I am not holding ou much hope for a revival of my box. So here I'm setting out to express my feelings about the five-or-so years of gaming I got out of Microsoft's product before I get back to my roots and buy a Playstation 3.

    I had been a Playstation guy from the latter days of the PSone after my affair with Sega Dreamcast. My move to the Xbox 360 back in 2006 originated with a big-time player in my old Socom clan on the PS2. I played the hell out of Socom online from the game's 2nd edition up to "Combined Assault"...when the next generation of gaming consoles were taking prominence it was my clan's co-leader, known here as "Frog", went out on a limb and bought a 360. So as soon as I had the money I made the switch along with him to Rainbow Six: Vegas and most of the clan eventually followed suit. So my Playstation days were for all intents and purposes over and Xbox Live was the new thing in our close-knit group.

    About a year into owning the 360 it died out. It wasn't the Red Ring of Death that time, the console would simply freeze after a few minutes of gaming whenever I tried to play. So I still had a warranty with Microsoft at that time and I sent the console back inside one fo the Xbox "coffins" that, with the defective rate of 360's being as high as 33%, so many frustrated gamers have become familiar with. A couple of weeks later I got my box back and it worked perfectly.

    The most frustrating thing I've had overall with the console is not a hardware problem, or even something that is the fault of Microsoft. Being a massive baseball fan, my most enjoyable offline gaming experiences have been managing major league franchises in games such as MVP Baseball...that is up until I had a 360. The MLB 2K series has been simply garbage, it has been garbage since World Series Baseball 2K on the Dreamcast. The major driving force behind my desire to get a PS3 is the simple fact that it has MLB The Show which I hear from one of my best friends is "so sick it's disgustin'". So I look forward to rebuilding the Pittsburgh Pirates on the pstriple.

    Overall I would say my experience playing on Xbox 360 has been, oh I'd say, adequate. I've gotten plenty of good hours of FIFA in from 08 through 11 and Call of Duty has been fun but there's not enough to keep me from switching consoles. Another factor is that my old friend Frog made the switch back to Playstation about 6 months ago, essentially disbanding the clan as we knew it for now. So assuming that Sony's server problem is fixed, I look forward to hours and hours of Socom well as all of my favorite sports games I played on the 360 plus The Show!

    So as I'm writing my Xbox 360 is taken apart and scattered across my dining room table. I tried the "penny fix" with no luck and now two stripped screws are standing between my little tools and the motherboard. All in all I'd say it has taken its last breath, my Pittsburgh Pirates franchise on the hated yet tolerated MLB 2K11 will never see the World Series. So the Red Ring of Death has claimed another victim...a blessing in disguise I'll say...more time to write articles, work on websites and best of all I have a PS3 to look forward to.

-Pedro Puddies