It is not easy to go from being such a popular guy to being a nobody in College, which is why you have to make a name for yourself quickly so you can be put into the right social group. There is many groups like the "sporty" athletic group which I am in, but there is also the computer nerds who just hang around in the computer lab and play video games all the time. Going from one extreme there is also the "stoners" who are constantly high and are the ones who sit at the back of the class who don't talk to anyone and mind their own business. Trying to find where you fit in is one of the hardest things to try to accomplish because you don't want to be going to College not knowing anyone and always being alone. This is where being social and approachable helps a lot.

Being enrolled in a high school only having about 700 kids you know everyone and have everyone on Facebook. But going to a college with lecture halls having that many people it’s tough to be out going and not to do anything embarrassing. So going to “Frosh Week” by our school is pretty much where you meet your fellow classmates from the entire school if it is their first year or their last it is a fun way to make new friends and maybe that special someone you might spend the rest of your life with.

Currently I am enrolled in a Health and Fitness program and it is great so far just finishing my first year. I have met so many people in my first year and cannot wait for the second year to come. I was lucky enough to meet a great amount of people in my program to ease the pain off of studying alone and just chilling at library by myself. The main concept to making friends in College is to be yourself and don’t be scared to open up and step outside of your box because you never know who you will meet.