How I am Surviving On the Street

I will show you a typical day on the streets

Surviving while being homeless is a hourly ordeal. As I am homeless I currently am looking for the best ways to survive and make money so I don’t stay homeless forever. I will make a plan to leave this type of world soon. Below will be ways that I will spend my daily life on the streets.

0500- I wake up to figure out what the temp and weather is like. Currently I am sleeping inside of any fast food store or business that’s open 24 hours a day. One needs to keep your self warm at night.
0530 Making my self to Burger King for my opportunity to be online. I made 15$ last night from panhandling. I will use that money to spend time online using the automated internet machines available. I need to turn that money into passive money
0630 My time is half way done. I need to get moving so I buy my self a coffee for warmth and head out. A lot of towns have rules against panhandling so be careful. I will be looking to answer questions for money and finding a place to sit down to write.
0700 I will be heading on public transportation now for warmth. Using transportation for sleeping and getting out of the rain is a must.

When homeless you need to figure out where your food , place to sleep, and where you can make money. You are on your own. Carry what you can , like a backpack or satchel. Keep a change of cloths and a little food. Having some gatorade pouches help for h20.Bigger cities are open all night so sleeping can be down during the day so you can capture some of the heat.

0800 -1000 is spent on various public transport with my trust backpack with a book of paper and pen. This is the time when I write down topics and keywords and attempt to finish orders. Homelessness hit me fast, in less then 1 day my life was turned upside down. I will not let me down. God did not make me to be homeless for life. I will succeed . If put into a situation like this, one can not freak out. One has to be strong and live your day , day to day.

10-1700 I am panhandling this time on public transportation. I have multiple skills that help make me money. Joggling and twirling objects are simple and entertain people. I will make enough money to work tonight. Food can come another time.

1700 -1200 I am busting my butt on the computer. I will not let this time go to waste. Though out the day I would of wrote down 5 topics and sub topiced them from there. I will write 5 topics though out the internet hoping on site will make me the money to be back with my kids .I left them to try to make money and have them have a better life. Life is full of sacrifices and it is about how you handle them that makes you a man

1200 to 0500 I will walk around the city finding my next sleeping spot. One can find there prior sleeping arrangements has been taken. I will soon find a steady living environment to ensure I survive.