In April of 1986 many people though the World may be coming to an end. On April 25th, the citizens of the Ukrainian town of Prypiat went about their daily routine. Children went to school and played, men went to work, women tended to family needs, and at night all of the family gathered around the dinner table. Each day in Prypiat the routine was very similar. That night the entire family went to bed and had no idea that there World was about to change so drastically.

It is said that when the town was evacuated that school children dropped their books and left immediately. In reality the meltdown occurred on a Saturday. The toys were left behind at the school; however this was from the prior day.

The City of Prypiat was soon empty. No one around except for the filthy few who fought to stop the Nuclear meltdown that was occurring in one of the Nuclear Reactors. With all of the imminent dangers of a potential Nuclear War occurring between the Cold War enemies of the United States and Russia, it is kind of ironic to think that the Soviets caused one of the largest nuclear accidents ever on their own soil. Unfortunately this tragic struck at people

Worldwide. Much has been written about Prypiat, Chernobyl, and the ensuing nuclear disaster. As much as we can read on this topic it is hard to fully comprehend the magnitude of this. These were real people, real families, and a real community that was torn apart. Many died in the following years from cancer and other deformities caused by exposure to the radiation.

Here is a video that shows what the town of Prypiat, Ukraine in the Soviet Union looked like before and then after the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.

The Evacuation of Prypiat is something that is rarely studied. We look at the tragedy that occurred and we read about the people that were evacuated and we also see pictures of what the area looked like after as well as what the Prypiat area looks like today. Rarely do Americans get the chance to see what it was like for these people who were forced to evacuate and leave everything behind.

The pictures and video in the YouTube video below is sad. Everybody in the video was already being contaminated by abnormally high amounts of nuclear radiation. Many would go onto die. In the video below we see these people waiting to get moved out of the area…forever.