Not too long ago, when I was just a young child, I envisioned what the future of technology had in store for us. These visions included jetpacks, some sort of hoverboard reminiscent to that of which Marty McFly rode in Back to the Future, and of course Virtual Reality. The future seemed to hold so many things over the horizon that simply put, would make our current lives obsolete.

Flashing forward to the present day, technology certainly has made exponential progress. Granted, there are no jetpacks or holodecks (though I am certainly keeping my fingers crossed on that last one), we are now able to communicate in ways most of us never imagined. We have computer processors that are so complex, they are capable of handling unimaginable amounts of computations, simultaneously. The entire planet changed forever when the internet emerged, connecting people in ways no one ever thought possible.

With all of these advances, what impact has all of this wondrous progress had on our general quality of life? In many ways, the content falls short of the medium. A perfect example of an imperfect human society. While the limits of what humans could achieve with this technology advancement are boundless, there will always be one thing to impede this progress in any way possible, humans.

"With that new 8G Ultra-Fast Smart Phone, my friends, distant acquaintances, strangers that know those distant acquaintances, and family know every time I eat a burrito on Facebook and Twitter!"

"I can video chat with my friends in the movie theatre so they are  right there with me the entire time!"

"This app shows me how to successfully survive during a zombie apocalypse!"

All satire drenched examples aside, what have we truly gained? It seems as though we are mercilessly prodded and poked (excuse the pun) daily toward "social media" to simply exist. If you don't have a Facebook page, you don't exist. If you don't "tweet" your latest thoughts or experiences in life, how will they ever be validated by other people? The linking of these social media meccas to your hip through phones and other wireless devices changed the social landscape once again. Pounding the last proverbial nails of self deprivation into our own coffins of narcissism. 

So where does the line get drawn? When do we have enough "G's" in our phone's connection to adequately satiate our voracious appetites for "connection" to this planet? Maybe lose the phone altogether and just put the chips straight into our brains? Cut out the ocular middlemen! (please don't take that literally) 

Take addiction to the so-called "social media"  just as seriously as any other debilitating addiction. It makes you little more than a high functioning alcoholic. Sure you can get to work (sometimes without drinking), you can watch your kids, even run errands and handle day-to-day life situations. The real damage however, is not to what you can simply do, but rather to the mind. So I ask you junkies out there. If you don't think you have a problem, try doing what any addict should do to find out how bad they actually are. Go without it. Even for a little while. See what changes occur, where your thoughts turn, and where your heart races. Then simply ask yourself, "Am I still a here?".