Have you ever had an over enthusiastic individual approach you randomly on the street, assertive inviting you to see the promotion at hand? You most probably have run into one of the many sales reps present in our society today. However, these happy people aren't alone, because every single person on Earth is a salesperson of some sort. As kids, we all had natural inborn ways of selling to our parents, every time we asked for the newest toy on the market or latest Playstation 3 game, outlining the multitude of reasons why it'd benefit our life. 

However, somewhere along the lines of growing up, we lost our will to sell. Somewhere on our path to maturity we've changed our perception about sales. Nowadays, many people have negative impressions on the typical "salespeople", whether it be car salesmen, door to door salesmen, sales representatives working in retail, or what not. There seems to be an underlying negative stereotype surrounding the profession. Our impression of "selling" now, is of someone being pestering, nagging, and somewhat annoying. Although this may seem so at times, selling extends further into different contexts. 

Some contemporary examples may include, selling ourselves and our skills at an interview to get the job, or selling our outgoing and fun personality to the people that we meet, or selling our ideas and perspectives to those who are in a place to make decisions. All these examples are different forms of selling. It's the same concept, just a different product which we're selling. 

Contrary to popular dogma, sales has been an important part of our lives and society, both in the past and present, and will continue to be into the future. It has been the lifeblood of all progress made in our society, and has been the raw power that drives innovation and development. 

Let's think about this for a second. Have you ever wondered, how all the things present in your life today, were once not available? One of the world's most taken for granted resources, electricity, was once an idea which was shunned and criticised by many, who once laughed at the absurdity of a light bulb. I mean, what was the point of an incandescent bulb when people had gas lamps to light their homes? Which is what many thought of at the time.

Another example, is the computer which sits on your table today, and which your reading this very article from, was once just a useless box which could just do simple arithmetic. People didn't just fall in love with the ideas when they first came out. No, someone had to sell them on why this was so beneficial to their lives. Why a television set, was worth the $1,000 that it was when it was originally produced, was something that a sales rep had to sell to someone. 

If we consider the list of all the things for which we have today, and were once not essential (mobile phones, and internet, although now they've become so much apart of our lives that they have become necessities), we'd start to realise how much salespeople have played a role in our society's growth and development.

The simple fact is, that salespeople are an essential part of making our standard of living better in the long run, and that every one of us is a sales rep of some kind. Although, I'm not denying that a select few, give the profession a bad reputation, I'm just trying to shed a little light on the larger perspective that some people might be overlooking.