Life style diseases in the 21 st century in developed world


In history people die of old age, infectious disease, malnutrition, accidents, wars and poverty, poor sanitation etc and inadequate medical attention and care. However, due to modern medicine many infectious diseases  cured due to vaccination, antibiotics, medical treatments and care and sanitation at least in the developed world. But other diseases are becoming the causes of death in developed world. As well, due to industrialization in the developing world and people movements these diseases are appearing in the developing world as well but not at the rate in the developed world. For example, cancer, heart diseases, obesity heath issues, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, diabetes, Lung diseases and liver diseases are increasing heath risk in modern times in the developed world according to heath statistics in USA and  in other developed world.

Statistical evidence of Life style diseases in USA

According to national Center for health statistics, National Office of vital statistics 1947 USA, in 1900 the top three causes of death in USA pneumonia, influenza, tuberculosis, and diarrhea/enteritidis. In 1990's according to the above statistics, 60% died due to the communicable diseases and heart diseases and cancer ranked number 4 and number 8. However, the above statistics shows, since 1940's life style diseases like cancer and heart disease were the most important causes of deaths in USA. In addition, according to this statistics, life style diseases accounted 60% of deaths in late 1900.

In addition, death rates in USA shows, death rates peak  from accidents at age 40, from cancer at age 70, and from heart disease and stroke at age 85. In USA, the death rates for men and women dying from cardiovascular problem dramatically increase from age 65 to 84. However, the risk of dying from heart disease goes down after the age of 85 for men. In the case of women even after age 84 the risk of dying from cardiovascular problem is a reality.

These statistics show  the increasing risk of death from life style diseases in USA at least. These are also a fact in most developed world. For example in Australia, cancer and heart disease are a risk factor for many people due to life style issues than genetics. They are preventable and  cured if life style changes  by people by proper diet, exercise, reduction in smoking and alcohol use, drug dependency, sanitation, clean environment, with proper conventional medical intervention and vitamin uptake, management of stress.

Top 3 Life style diseases in developed world

Alzheimer's disease -  A form of brain disease  No one knows the real cause of this disease. However, breakdown of the cells of brain occur. There is no cure for this devastating disease. Goof nutrition can slow down the progress of this disease. This disease lasts more than 7 years for most people who suffers from this disease.

Arteriosclerosis - it consists of several disease, where the arterial wall become thicker and losses electricity. It is the most common serious vascular disease.  This mostly occur at old age and is linked with overweight, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Cancer - This a disease characterised by abnormal growth of cells. Ther are 150 types of cancer and their causes are different and complex. This is one of the disease of the 21 st century particularly in the developed world. men suffers from Prostate cancer, lung cancer, Colorectal cancer, Urinary bladder cancer and skin cancer. Women suffers from breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, uterus cancer, thyroid cancer. Cancer is genetic as well as environmental as a cause of cancer. However, it may vary from person to person and for different types of cancer. Cancer is difficult to cure, however life style changes and proper nutrition, clean environment, control of drug and alcohol intake, smoking, proper mental heath and well-being surely will help to cut the risk of these cancer as apreventive measure.


As discussed above, life style diseases are a reality in the developed world. These diseases cannot be cured after it has affected a person as well they not genetic alone. The life style plays a crucial role in minimizing the risk of these diseases. The modern medicine with complementary medical practices and therapies are necessary to prevent and manage these diseases as well new drugs and other natural remedies also can help to find cures for these devastating diseases. As the population ages, these measures become more important than ever to manage the death toll due to these risk factors. As well, preventative heath measures are more cost-effective than curing after the onset of illness. In this perspective, it is wise to use complementary medicines like natural therapies and nutritional measures with conventional medical intervention to manage these heath risk factors as it is not only genetic but also due to environmental and personal life style factors.