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Lifeguard Bathing Suits: Which One is the Best For You?

If you are in charge of a public swimming pool or beach, which lifeguard bathing suits you provide can be a very big deal.  Most lifeguards are fairly young, so they want to wear new and attractive looking swimsuits.  If you're in competition with others who employ lifeguards, something as trivial as the lifeguard bathing suits could make the difference in who applies to work for you.

The Oregon Ducks of Lifeguard Bathing Suits
Your goal, as someone who employs lifeguards, should be to become the Oregon Ducks of lifeguarding.  If you're not a college sports fan, I'll fill you in.  The founder of Nike went to college at Oregon, so Nike designs all of the uniforms for their college sports teams.  The football team has become known as having some of the most unique uniforms in the entire country.  Think a lot of neon yellow, green, silver/gray and black.  Young kids really like this, which turns into a recruiting advantage for Oregon.  Yes, a team's uniforms can sway a top recruit to come to your school.  

The same can be done in terms of lifeguard bathing suits.  If you've got old suits that no one likes, it might turn a lot of potential employees off.  If you can, you should get the top swim gear available.  Also, the swimsuits you wear may depend on whether you're lifeguarding at a beach or at a swimming pool.

This may be on a slightly smaller scale than Division 1 college athletics, but I think the premise still holds true. Here are the best options I found while doing research online for lifeguard bathing suits:


 Speedo Womens Endurance Plus Two Piece
-50% Polyester/50% PBT
-Front and back lined
-Lifeguard logo for quick identification

Aquathreads Lifeguard Thin Strap Open Back Swimsuit
-53% Polyester/47% PBT
-Features a thin strap open back binding system for comfort

Nike Swim Women's Lifeguard Sport Two Piece
-81% Nylon/19% Spandex
-Front-lined top
-V-shaped straps for increased mobility
-Adjustable draw string on the waist

Nike Swim Lifeguard Volley Yoke Short
-Elastic waist
-Draw string on waist
-Side pockets
-100% polyester

TYR Guard Aero Trunk
-Non-slip front drawstring
-Rear pocket with Velcro closure
-Fully lined
-100% Sanded Polyester

Speedo Men's Zuma Lifeguard Swim Trunk
-Left side pocket with Velcro closure
-Full mesh liner with key pocket
-Length: 20"
-100% Brushed Micro Polyester

There are plenty of lifeguard bathing suits to choose from.  The ones I have listed seem like the best combination of quality and price, after reading reviews and comments on each of them.  What you have to wear to work every day can be a big factor in deciding which job(s) you choose to pursue.  Please feel free to comment and add any suggestions on lifeguard bathing suits that are not already included.