Introducing Soylent: The only thing one ever needs to consume

The Lifehackers food

Are you someone who eats just to stay alive? Or maybe perhaps cooking is a time consuming chore that wastes precious resources that could be used for something more productive. Whatever the concern may be, it might be a good time to get acquainted with Soylentthe life hackers food of the future. 

Just what is Soylent?

Named after the classic movie "Soylent Green" (1973) which is set in a dystopian future where overpopulation has drained the world of its resources. Majority of the population is forced to survive on highly nutritious rations provided by the Soylent corporation. Little do the populous know that Soylent is the product of butchering humans and turning them into processed food.

Soylent Green is people! It's people! (Charlton Heston)

Soylent Green

People make surprisingly good body building supplements

While the Soylent produced and made commercially available by Rob Rhinehart isn't the product of human remains, it was developed with the similar concept of providing a nutrient packed diet. To be specific, it was produced to provide the body with everything the body requires. This means that theoretically a person could survive on nothing but Soylent for 3 meals a day. In fact, there have been numerous trials testing this claim by the local online community and a quick google search will reveal results of the self-experimenters who have consumed nothing but Soylent for 30-60 days. So far, nobody has died or been afflicted with serious illness.

What's more is that Soylent comes prepackaged in a resealable bag in powder form allowing you to mix it into water for an instant meal that can be stored in a bottle and consumed at will. Not only is this extremely effective in saving time, it has also proven to be cost effective with 3 servings (enough for a day) costing just over $5. When it comes to nutrition and survival, there is no substitute that comes with such a low cost.

Also, quick research into online reports and user testimonials have highlighted the potential benefits and disbenefits attached to this product. Some reports state that going on a Soylent diet gave them higher levels of energy and improved their health tremendously. These benefits ranged from muscle gain, weight loss and an improvement in a persons mood. One even claimed that one month of Soylent helped to clear his acne that agitated him for years. Yet, on the other hand some netizens have complained that the texture of Soylent made it near impossible to drink and many still felt hungry after consuming portions of Soylent. Having tried it myself, I can say that food has never ever tasted so good after surviving on a few days of Soylent. Personally, there were no problems with drinking it and the taste wasn't all that bad. It was mentioned that Rhinehart had indeed been working to improve the taste and texture.

Another common complaint was that Soylent took a long time to deliver their orders (may be a good sign indicating its popular) and also isn't available for order in any region other than the US which can be ordered from their online website. However if you're desperate to get your hands on some then visit the DIY subsection of their website which houses numerous community made recipes that supposedly replicate the nutritional promise of Soylent.

Whether you're running a tight deadline or simply don't have the time or money to looks for food, Soylent has proven to be a revolutionary life hack that has proven its worth (at least to me) in the 3 weeks that I have been using it. I can't say I have developed boundless energy or that I feel particularly healthier than normal but that may be a positive sign considering I feel unchanged after primarily substituting lunch with Soylent everyday. Whether you choose to not use it, replace one meal or all out live on Soylent is absolutely your choice. Just remember the most important thing: Soylent is not people.