If you are looking for a homeschool curriculum that encourages your children to do more independent work, why not try the Lifepac homeschool curriculum? Lifepac is a workbook-based curriculum published by Alpha Omega publishers with Bible-based content designed for kindergarten up to grade twelve.

The curriculum is based on the principle of mastery learning, with each student having to master the lessons in each unit before moving on to the next one. The parent or tutor can also customize lessons based on the student's ability by mixing and matching subjects or grade level worktexts.

The curriculum includes five core subjects and a variety of electives. The Lifepac Bible offers a Christ-centered curriculum for grades one to twelve that provides an in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments.

It includes seven major themes: Attributes of God, Theology, Biblical geography, Biblical literature, Christian evidence, Christian growth plus a special emphasis for each grade.

History and Geography seeks to develop students' appreciation and understanding of God's creation as revealed through the historical record of man and his relationships.

The themes covered are Social Studies; Economics; World and American Geography; World, American and Religious History; and Government and Citizenship. Language Arts focuses on the development of the student's communication skills.

The major themes covered are Reading, Speaking and Listening, Writing and special topics such as History of the English Language, Book Reports and The Bible as Literature.

The Math curriculum develops math skills for kindergarten up to grades 12 through exercises, games and various question formats. Themes covered include Number Skills, Data Analysis, Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Calculus.

Science is a Christian-based curriculum for grades one to 12 that focuses on the development of observational skills through the integration of hands-on experiments for the student to perform. The major topics include Nature of Science, Life Science, Physical Science and Space and Earth Science.

According to homeschool review, elective subjects provided in the Lifepac homeschool curriculum include Accounting, Civics, Literature, Drawing Basics and Spanish. The Lifepac homeschool curriculum is ideal for a self-paced learning approach to home schooling your children.

They can finish lessons at their own pace, completing many pages some days and just one or two in others. And since the curriculum is in the form of a consumable worktext the lessons can be finished anywhere, even while waiting at a dentist's office.

Best of all, completing worktexts provide the child with a self-esteem boosting sense of accomplishment, which is one of the best homeschool curriculum benefits.

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