Manly Beard

No Shave November is Here!

It's that time of year again.   The men stop shaving and the beards start growing.  Women are welcome to join in on the no shave November fun but this article is dedicated to the now beard wearing men.  For some the beard is awkward and splotchy but, for many others, a grizzled warrior is born almost overnight. In either case, no shave November is a chance to prove your manliness to the world. Here are 7 lifesaving no shave November rules to make it through the month.

A Scratchy Beginning

Be strong!  The first week or two can be painfully itchy.  You will need to take a minute to scratch your face. Sometimes the scratching can go on for many minutes.  If the itching is unbearable buy some anti-itch cream at your nearest pharmacy.  You do not want scars on your face when the month ends.  After a week or two your soft and sexy fuzziness of a beard will prevail. 

Not Even a Trim

Do not trim the beard. As you start to resemble a rugged mountain man, you might begin to envy the elegantly styled facial hair of your friends and co-workers. Even though a stylish beard is revered during the rest of the year, you must stay strong.  No razor or clippers may touch the beard.  The neck beard has to stay as bad as it may look.  You promised to step up your game and leave the styling for December 1st.


A clean beard is a happy beard.  Keep your beard clean. Wash it with shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Treat it as you do the hair on your head. If you start finding yesterday’s breakfast in your beard, your boss, wife, or mom will firmly withdraw their support. You may wake up the morning of Thanksgiving, before the in-laws arrive, to discover a missing set of whiskers and a failed goal.  Respect your beard.

The Mustache

Credit: San Sharma

The wild west was all about the mustache.  Cowboys are tough and you can be tough for a whole month by maximizing your mustache appeal.  Style your mustache like the pros with plenty of wax for a bare knuckle fighter image. You will now raise the status of your facial hair from mountain man to cowboy bare knuckle fighter - Awesome. 

No Dyed Colors

Some men grow beards that are not the same color as the hair on their head. However, if you do have the same beard color as your hair show some pride and do not dye your beard. The natural color is a great way to show off your true manliness. Even a little grey or white is sure to get a second look from a classy lady.  Green, blue, and purple should are not natural hair colors.  As a side note: a green beard only works during the month of March. 



You did it!  You made it through the entire month!  Now, find a girl to kiss on November 30th and then take a picture of your prize.  You've earned it. You survived the whole month without touching a razor. Now reap your reward. Every girl secretly wants to kiss a bearded man. The testosterone displayed is scientifically proven to attract a mate. Don’t deny the woman you love this rare opportunity.  Take home your trophy!

Don't Give Up

Giving up is unattractive. Make bets with your friends and coworkers for some friendly competition to build lifelong memories. Do whatever it takes to convince yourself of the reality that you don’t need to shave for only one month. For some this may be the longest you will ever go without shaving, and it is worth checking the experience off your bucket list.