One of the most popular book topics of the last years was self-development. Books from authors like Anthony Robbins and Napoleon Hill sold millions of copies during a short period. Self-help books were always placed in some dark corner in the book store in the past, but nowadays it is the largest section of the whole store! However this trend is slowly decreasing. The latest trend of the 2010’s is lifestyle development.

Lifestyle development

Whereas self-development is only concerned about theoretic and mental things like improving self-esteem and self-worth, lifestyle development also takes other, less abstract, areas of life in consideration.  In this article, I will describe these areas and indicate how you can develop yourself in those areas of life.

Opposite Sex

Having success with the opposite sex is one of the most empowering feelings you can get. It will give you the feeling you can master everything. However I have to admit, that this may be one of the most difficult areas of life to tackle. Especially, if you aim for abundance with women or men, or a Chippendale/playmate as partner, you will have to work hard on your social skills and go out a lot.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom can support many other areas of your lifestyle. Think of travel, event tickets, gym membership, quality food and educational courses.  I find the following philosophy of T. Harv Eeker very useful: Your subconscious only allows you to have the money you feel you can be responsible for, so by tracking expenses, and spending economically, it reinforces that you can handle more money, and your mind will automatically work towards building more.


Travel is one of the most important aspects of life. You really develop as a person when you visit other cultures and gain experience in other countries. It makes you strengthen your reality and frame.  Always try to learn more languages or visit more countries. This will greatly benefit your personality.

Educated and well-read

Self-developments books are still a great read, although they are not as hip as they were a few years ago. Try to read all good books varying from Mark Twain to Homer to Anthony Robbins. You will grow as a person by reading books like these.


Last point of a good lifestyle is health. All else is uselss if you are always sick and feel bad.  Without proper health you really can’t enjoy any of the other aspects of life, and your emotional and mental states are very much a byproduct of your physical health. Try to implement the Paleo Diet (You can read about this amazing diet in my other articles.) and to exercise at least three times a week at the gym.