So what can you do to reduce you chances of getting the big C?

 Disclaimer: If you have Cancer you need proper medical treatment (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery). If you have access to medical treatment either through health insurance or publically funded healthcare now is the time to use it. Diet will make little difference to Cancer already present in your body.

 Firstly a good question to answer is what is Cancer? Cancer is an abnormal and unlimited growth of cells somewhere in the body caused by mutations to genes that control cell growth and programmed cell death(apototosis). Because the cells refuse to stop dividing and they will not die when needed they divide uncontrollably resulting in a tumour (a ball of Cancer cells). From this point many types of cancer have the ability to metastasise. This essentially means “spread to other parts of the body” and it is at this point that cancer becomes exceptionally dangerous and is very hard to treat.  


So what can you do to reduce Cancer risk?

 Reducing cancer risk is done by living a healthy lifestyle. The most important thing you can do to reduce your chance of cancer is to avoid or minimise contact with carcinogens. These are chemicals or forms of energy which are known to significantly increase risks of cancer and include these like asbestos, and Benzene. Besides chemicals the list also includes certain forms and levels of radiation that are known to have a cancer risk. Cooking at high temperatures that results in charring can also create a number of carcinogens within that food. 


Besides reducing known Carcinogens what else can be done?

 The two other things to be considered are diet and exercise. Diet has a significant effect on the rate of formation of a number of different cancers.

 In particular is bowel cancer which isn't surprising when you consider that the bowel is directly in contact with many of the foods that you eat. In order to reduce bowel cancer it is important to increase the number of fruit and vegetables in your diet and reduce the amount of fatty meats. This is because the saturated fat in meat has been associated with increasing bowel cancer rates. Whereas fibre has been associated with decreasing bowel cancer rates and  vitamins and minerals in fruit and vegetables have been associated with reducing rates of various cancers.


Exercise and cancer?

There is a limited but growing amount of evidence that exercise increases cancer survival rates and lowers rates of contracting cancer and reduces the chances of reoccurance if you do get cancer.  For example a study showed that women with breast cancer that did 150 minutes of exercise a week lower there chances of dying by 40 percent. And another study said that a study of more than 40,000 men between 45 and 79 found that those who walked or cycled at least 30 minutes a day were 34% less likely to die from cancer.  The reasons for these effects are not yet clear but there is a lot of research currently to find out more about exercises effect on cancer.


Activities to avoid:

In order to prevent Cancer it is worth trying avoid some of the major causes of cancer. Smoking, drinking heavily and sunbathing all increase the chances of getting cancer, so in order to avoid ir your best best is to keep these activities to a minimum. Another possible cause of cancer is the human pavlova virus which has been associated with something cancer. It is a good idea to get vaccinated against this virus to reduce the chances of getting this cancer.