Some rooms need a lot accent pieces to give them their own style.  Depending on the ambience you want to set for the room lighting can be an important part of that.  One room that many people forget to accent with good lighting is their bathrooms.  You can dramatically change the look of a bathroom with great light fixtures.  Whether you have a small or large bathroom, this is an important part of the overall design.  The wonderful thing about lighting is that you can take a light that would fit into any other space in your home and incorporate it into your bathroom.  Amazing bathrooms begin with beautiful tubs, sleek showers and phenomenal lighting.  Regardless of your budget there is lightening that will give you the “wow” factor.  Some of my lighting discoveries are below:

Crystal Chandelier(98199)Credit: google imagesCredit: google images

1.  Crystal Chandeliers.  If you like old world elegance then this is the type of light fixture that will add interest and character to your bathroom.  You can find these styles ranging in prices from 100 dollars to thousands of dollars and the designs available are endless.  If you are looking to save money, visit flea markets or estate sales.  In these venues you may be able to find some Crystal Chandeliers for pennies on the dollar.

Pendant LightingCredit: google imagesCredit: google images

2.  Pendant Lights.  Normally this lighting is used for kitchen islands or bars, but if you want a stand out feature for the bathroom; these lights may work for you.  Pendant lights can be bought in various lengths to add more flair and they come in unusual colors.  Adding this type of lightening shows your unique style and works especially well in small spaces

Wall Sconce(98196)Credit: google imagesCredit: google images

3.  Wall Sconces.  Want soft lighting in the bathroom instead of candles for romantic baths.  Try putting sconces in your bathroom space.  These lights can be put around the walls of your bathroom to give it that something special.  Even in the small space of a potty room; the sconce can provide a peaceful place of release.

LampsCredit: google imagesCredit: google images

4.  Lamps.  Most people think of lamps as accent pieces for the bedroom or living areas.  Lamps can give a chic or shabby chic look your bathroom.  For those that have long vanities with double sinks, a lamp on both ends will give the room a homey feel.  You can easily find lamps that coincide with the other light fixtures in your bathroom.  Because lamps come in so many sizes you can may a subtle or shout out loud statement with lamps. 

Candelabra(98198)Credit: google imagesCredit: google images

5.  Candelabra.  Remember watching Liberace playing the piano?  He always had candelabra’s on the top of the piano.  These beautiful candle holders can add just a touch of romance to your bathroom.  You can find many inexpensive candelabra’s to place throughout your bathroom.  They are ideal for the space around your bathtub and your vanity space.  Enchanting is the word that immediately comes to mind when seeing these accent pieces.

Lighting is an important aspect of designing a beautiful bathroom.  Whether you decide on chandeliers, candelabras or wall sconces; there are no bad choices.  Manufacturers are constantly coming up with innovative accent pieces and lighting has come a long way.  Look at your bathroom and see if adding or changing some of the lights would give your bathroom an improved look.  If so, go shopping and upgrade that bathroom.