The Range


The Range, Pearson Way, Clough Road, Hull, HU6 7QA.

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Pearson Way, Clough Road, Hull, HU6 7QA

Initial Impressions

The Range is a store selling a wide variety of home, garden and leisure goods. There is a cafe on site that is operated by the Compass Group.

The open plan cafe is in the gardening and pet area, which is in a large attached outbuilding, not the main building itself. The cafe was clean and tidy, with tables being cleared and cleaned regularly by staff members. Probably due to the cafes location in the attached building, which had external doors, and that it was visited in December, the cafe wasn't that warm. Although not cold, it really wasn't warm enough to be completely comfortable without wearing a jacket.

Although not that big, most of the tables had people at them, even if the table was not full, but the visit was at a lunch time.

The Food

There was a refrigerator holding bottled cold drinks, and a 600 ml bottle of Pepsi Max was taken from there. A glass for this was provided at the counter.

The panini was chicken and bacon, with mozzarella cheese also. It was served with a small salad garnish. This, and other paninis, were in a refrigerated display unit, already pre-made and packaged with prices on the packaging, ready to be toasted on-site. This was nice, and had been cooked properly. The bacon wasn't very fatty, which was good. The cheese, whilst, probably not the best buffalo mozzarella, was perfectly fine. The garnish was okay for a garnish.

The cake ordered was a Viennese mince pie, which was a mincemeat filled pie with a hole in the top. Again, like the paninis, these and other cakes were individually pre-packaged. This was very nice.

In Conclusion

The food and drink came to a total of £6.40. The quality and price was similar to many other cafes, such as Cafe Nero or Costa Coffee. Even though most if not all of the food was pre-done, it was still perfectly okay.

The place was clean and the service was quick. The only real problem was the temperature of the cafe as mentioned earlier. If you're shopping in the area, not a bad choice for a light lunch. 2.5/5.