Debenhams Restaurant
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Debenhams Restaurant, First Floor, Debenhams, Prospect Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU2 8PQ.

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First Floor, Debenhams, Prospect Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU2 8PQ.

Initial Impressions

The Debenhams Restaurant is located on the First Floor of the Debenhams department store in Hull. Access to the resraurant is through the store itself. The parking nearby is limited, metered on street as well as a number of paid car parks. The restaurant was visited on a Saturday lunchtime and was very busy with most of the tables occupied. There were enough free or coming free that people were able to find a table after ordering their food though. There was a a host greeting people at the entrance.

The restaurant functions on a canteen system where you collect a tray and choose or order the food and drinks you want from a number of manned and unmanned hot and cold counters, pay for them at the till and then find a table. Any items that aren't ready when you order them are brought over to your table when they are ready.

The restaurant sells a range of items, such as hot and cold drinks, with a selection of bottled and draught of the latter, hot meals and carvery, sandwiches, salads, paninis and toasties, jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings and a soup of the day. There is also a range of crisps and cakes, some of the latter being pre-packaged and others requiring you to select them for yourself and place them on a plate.

After collecting your food, cutlery and napkins are picked up at another counter and there are some bottled sauces available. The bottles of sauce were not in the same place as the cutlery and napkins for some reason, and so had to be looked for. There were salt and pepper pots and sachets of sugar on the tables.

The Food

The drink selected was a draught Pepsi. This you get by selecting the size of drink you want by picking up the appropriate plastic glass and using the drinks machine yourself. This was as good as can be expected from a draught soft drink.

Main Course

A Wensleydale and Red Onion Panini was chosen. This was cooked and was ready before the rest of the order was paid for and so did not need bringing over to the table. This was accompanied with a portion of chips, which was brought in a tall bowl from the hot food counter to the sandwiches and paninis one.

This was accompanied with a mixed leaf salad and halved cherry tomatoes as well as a small dish of coleslaw.

The Wensleydale cheese was quite strong tasting. The sliced onions had been cooked before being added to the panini, and there were pieces of some type of salad leaf inside it. The panini had been toasted and was warm, although not piping hot. The chips were freshly cooked and were fine.


This was a slice of Stollen - a traditional German fruit cake covered in icing sugar. The stollen was pre-sliced and was on a counter in the centre of the canteen area, but it was still fresh, and quite tasty, despite being uncovered.

My Opinion

The cost of the meal including the drink came to £9.29. The lack of table service cam be inconvenient when dining by yourself, as you have to leave the table and go back and queue up again should you need to order anything else, so it's a good idea to try to ensure that everything is collected and purchased on the initial visit.

The service was polite and friendly and seemed to be handling the amount of custom well. The price of the meal was a bit on the high side for this type of food, although not that much more than similar places in the area such as the Tesco Cafe in St. Stephens.

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