The Cafe, Tesco Extra, St Stephen's, 110 Ferensway, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU2 8LN.

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110 Ferensway, Hull, Kingston upon Hull HU2, UK

Initial Impressions

The cafe is in the upstairs part of the Tesco Extra in St Stephen's. Although situated inside the store, it is operated by the Compass Group, the same group that manage the cafe at The Range on Pearson Way in Hull, although this location is larger, has more seating and sells a greater variety of food, and operates on a cafeteria style system.

Bottled cold drinks, sandwiches and cold food were available from a pair of open chiller cabinets. Hot food was avilable from the hot counter, and there were a couple of self-service hot drinks machines for drinks such as tea and coffee.

The Food

A ham and cheese panini and a bottle of Pepsi Max were chosen from the chiller cabinets, and these and a tray were taken over to the hot counter. The panini was toasted and a portion of chips were ordered. The panini and chips were ready by the time the till was reached. There wasn't a huge selection of sweet items, there being a few pre-wrapped items.

The restaurant itself was quite busy, with only a handful of tables empty, all of which were clean. Napkins, condiments and cutlery were available from trays on a counter.

The panini itself had been cut in half after toasting, and the chips were served on the same plate. The panini, although nothing special, just a fairly standard cooked ham and what tasted like cheddar cheese, was quite nice, and there was a mild mustard in it also. The chips weren't that good, with some of them being overcooked. The Pepsi Max was from a bottle and chilled, so was fine, but no glass was provided to drink it out of.

In Conclusion

The total cost of the meal was £6.05. The meal was nothing special, but was in itself fine. Although not worth going out of the way for, not too bad a place to dine if you're in Tesco's, and don't want to go to places like Nandos in the food court in St Stephen's.

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