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(written for the forum)

In the facebook, one of my friends, Eston Isaac Oliverios asked the following questions with some curiosity. Who is Januarius Riungu of whom people know very little? The question came as an opportune coincidence while my mind meditated on making an introduction to infoBarrel community. And of course to whoever else who might be inclined to ask the same question.

After a successful teaching career, I look my retirement and remained confirmed not in Platonic den cave of perceiving images but in real interior of the countryside. Retirement is negatively thought as a state that is characterized with diminishing mental energy and efficiency. A state of infirmity and worstly, living in a world of oblivion and experiencing the loss of memory. Retirement is a splendid apex of maturity, a quietitude of thinking and contemplating ideas.

A golden opportunity is at my disposal not to either nurture pessimism no live with fear of the unknown but ascend the Jocob’s ladder in search of ideas. Not to have ideas is absolute ignorance and bankruptcy of knowledge. Optimism gives the Endeavour to discover potentialities and possibilities of engaging my mind in productive activity.

The science of aesthetics has given me great love of beauty and wisdom. Bees are relentlessly industrious insects that prowl the fields collecting nectar (pollen) in as many flowers as possible. The raw material is used to make sweet honey that we love. We all love beauty, wisdom, honey and ideas that contribute the apex of true wisdom.

My ambition in retirement is to be knowledgeable of ideas, ideas that can be scribbled on paper and shared with others. The cautious striving has not been in vain but fruitful. In my spirited adventure, I explored the internet in search of who had the interest to make use of my ideas. My eyes fell on info Barrel University. Three reasons drove me into the new venture.

a)The website was an ideal forum that would inspire and motivate in a relentless scribbling of ideas on paper.

b))The ideas of earning money by scribbling ideas on paper was equally a good motivation

c)The earning related articles, I thought would assist me to advance my knowledge by pursuing studies with infoBarrel University.


It is now more than a year wholly devoted in scribbling ideas on paper, a very expensive enterprise in retirement. Honestly, I owe profound gratitude to infoBarrel for approving my articles. However, I have a long way to go in realizing the fulfillment of my expectations. For now I am not seeing light at the end of the tunnel but darkness. Objectively a third party has to light a candle at the end of the tunnel.

A young boy striving to commune with sages yet lacking experience, certainly invites others with enough previous experiences to show him the way. Similarly, Iam a countryside boy striving to commune with infoBarrel community. Therefore, I need in the first place to feel accepted and appreciated as an apprentice in the art of writing.

My articles though well researched in my apprenticeship seem to have attracted a few interested readers. That boggles my mind. I humbly invite bright ideas to inspire me to excellence and palatability.






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