While training as a skin care therapist (also called an esthetician) I was hoping to find what awesome skin care treatments could really minimize my huge crater size pores as well as make my overall complexion look fantastic. The closest answer I found then that I still standby today? Peels. That's it. Peels.

When I thought of peels I think of their 1980's debut, where harsh chemical peels were in. While strong peels are still a significant and helpful treatment, they require a lot of recovery time which is not feasible for people with working jobs. Nowadays people don't have the patience or tolerance for these harsh treatments, even if they have the time. Light chemical peels however, the kind that don't require significant recover can still do the job. There's an entire assortment of peels that can help people with their skin conditions and goals. The main light peels are best known by their active ingredients AHA and TCA.

AHA stands for alphahyroxy acids. These guys are tremendous for smoothing dry and sun-damaged skin, controlling acne prone skin and is also a generally prescribed inside a sequence as a way to accomplish preferred final results. Many people attempt the AHA peels ahead of the other people.

TCA is usually a heavier hitter than an AHA, in particular when treating wrinkles. TCA peels are also tremendous for pigmentation difficulties and also for removing blemishes. The process only normally requires about 15 minutes but its effects are so lasting which you should really wear sunscreen for up to 6 months (you should be sporting it anyway). Best of all a TCA peel is generally rapidly healing.

For those interested in peels beyond the "light" category, check into phenol peels.

Phenol may be the mother of peels. Phenol can straighten out the splotches on your skin and help mitigate whatever harm you did to it (like sunbathing with tinfoil across the face maybe?). A phenol peel treatment itself may perhaps take up to an hour and…but the downside is that it will take many months to heal. On the upside, it works miracles and outcomes are very long lasting. Facial wrinkles may perhaps even disappear permanently. No kidding.

Peels are awesome skin care treatments. They can peel back a layer of skin making it look more youthful. When in doubt with your face and you've tried everything, start again with one of these light peels or even the more aggressive variety and I bet you will achieve significantly better results.