Using a lighted punch bowl fountain is a modern twist on that old large punch bowl that was on that table at the local dance hall along with bowls of chips!.

If you love the idea of serving spirited drinks or refreshing juice based punches in these large bowls, but found them awkward to use and wanted something with a bit more pizzaz as your table centerpiece then consider getting a lighted 3 tier punch bowl.

These types of punch bowls are not only useful (since they carry the beverage!) but they can also look sensational as a centerpiece at your buffet table or drinks table.

The 3 tier style also holds a lot of beverage by using the height instead of the width.  Remember trying to find someone amongst your friends who had a basement closet big enough to store that old monster sized punch bowl?

The idea behind these bowls has always been a good one.  A community spot to get a nice drink at the table, but now there is a modern twist to these.  If you thought the day of the big glass punch bowls and ladles was gone, think again.  They are back but with a more modern look

You can get everything now from drink fountains to chocolate fountains, but if you like the idea of a lighted punch bowl fountain for your punch drink then check these out.

They now have a lit bottom with built in LED lights, that can change coPunch Bowl Fountainlour, just like your Christmas tree lights, and with a small motor in the bottom, your punch will be sent to the top tier and then as the punch overflows the top dish it will fall to the second dish, and then finally back into the larger base dish.

Nostalgia LPF-210 Lighted 1-Gallon 3-Tiered Party Fountain with 8 CupsSpecialty Kitchen Appliances)

The last party I was at, had one of these punch bowl fountains, and you did not have to deal with the ladle and the mess associated with it, you could simply put your cup under the falling punch. 

It was the main attraction at the table, and yet these fountains are very affordable, come apart and don’t take up too much room in your house for storage.

If you are having a large gathering or party, you can also rent these styles of fountains.  But the 12 cup one would be fun for a family gathering.

Many times there is just not the room for elaborate centerpieces, and by using a lighted punch bowl, or one that is a 3 tiered fountain, you can create a stunning centerpiece as well as a useful one.

The idea of a punch bowl has always been a good one, but now there are some modern options for that old fashioned bowl that hides in the basement somewhere!  You can get these online at such sites as Amazon, or you can rent them from party stores. 

If you like the idea of serving punch, then check these out for something a little different at your next party or family gathering.