Something magical about the lighthouse that entrances many to learn about the eleven Oregon coastal structures. There are many, still in operation with lighthouse keepers living on the grounds giving visitors a vast education of the history and present infomation as well.

Lighthouse keepers are a very carefully selected pair of people in Oregon. It must be a couple, first off, with a scrutiny to their backgrounds that some do not pass. During WW ll 17 servicemen kept a watchfull eye out for enemy ships from the tower.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse is the tallest on the Oregon coast simply because the tower is 162 feet above sea level. The rock solid bluff creates the perfect perch for the brick conical. The 93 foot high structure can be viewed from the famous Nye Beach and as far away as 19 miles on a clear day. Located just off Highway #101, slightly north of the town of Newport, the construction was not without tragedy when 2 boats capsized while delivering needed supplies.

In 1873 the Yaquina Head Lighthouse was lit. Since then hundreds of thousands visitors come to view this very popular tower.

After the completion it was struck by lightening requiring some needed repairs, but has been renovated and maintained well both inside and out. Yaquina Head Lighthouse remains an active navigational tool since it is a working tower today.

Inside, the only lighthouse with a marble floor stands nearly perfectly straight while a large building for 3 dwellers to man this station, is nearby. As the spiral stairs lead to an outstandingly panoramic view you are drawn to the 1868 French-made Fixed Fresnel lens that create the projected light to captains afloat in the Pacific Ocean. The expensive and difficult to make lens draws lots of attention since it is not commonly seen. The Yaquina Head Lighthouse was listed in 1993 in the National Register of Historic Places accorging to history gleaned from Presently the Bureau of Land Management oversees the grounds and tower.

There is a gift shop on the grounds with momentos for children of all ages to purchase and take home after their learning experience at Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Connect with the knowledgeable people to answer any questions you might have on site and at the interpretive center.

Paranormal activity can be read about Yaquina Head Lighthouse on by searching Northwest hauntings for those interesting stories, however not substantiated.

Review some information of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse prior to visiting so you can ask intelligent questions while on the site at the interpretive center. The more you know what to ask, the more data you will take away with you. Questions asked by email are answered in a timely manner right to your inbox should you not be able to visually pay an immediate, face to face encounter to Yaquina, in Newport, Oregon. includes hours for the lighthouse and the interpretive center so you will sightsee all you wish on your western trip. Driving directions along with links to special programs and events are just a click away. accepts donations to aid in preserving this Lighthouse and surrounding areas for generations to enjoy the natural and cultural experiences of The Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport on the central Oregon coast. For information and directions please contact:

Address: Yaquina Head

P.O. Box #410

Newport, Oregon 97365

Phone: 541- 574- 3100

Grassy areas with numerous picture taking opportunities invite visitors and locals alike. Seasonal entrance hours due to slow attendance could limit winter access,so check before you plan a visit after October.

Entrance fee is $5 a vehicle with tours available.