Kitchen: This room is purely functional, and lighting plays a big part in that. In your kitchen you need to be able to see the color and consistency of sauces, the doneness of meats, as well as the quality of produce and other ingredients. For these reasons, bright lighting is often the best option. If you have a kitchen that doubles as room for entertaining guests, or is open to the rest of the house, you should have alternative lighting options as well. If you can put your overhead lights on a dimmer, you are able to quickly change your culinary creations kitchen into a relaxed and welcoming room. If you do not want a dimmer, it is best to have softer overhead lights and harsher lights over the cooking areas such as the counter and stove. This way you can simply switch them off when you are done cooking.

Bathroom: Most people like really good, bright lighting in their bathroom when they are getting ready in the morning, and this very appropriate for a master bedroom. If you have to share this bathroom with guests, the bright lights will not be quite as welcoming as you might like. It is always a good idea to have 2-3 different switches in your bathroom, one for your shower, one over the sink and mirror, and another, softer light for regular use.

Bedroom: Bedroom lighting is subject to change throughout the course of your day, so it is good to have a few different options. Tall lamps in the corners, small bedside lamps, and overhead lights can all have an important place in your bedroom. Lampshades are key. If the style and color of the shade matches the rest of the room's décor, it can really pull it all together, rather than just being a source of light.

Living Room/ Den: This room benefits the most from different lighting options. Fireplaces give a warm and cozy feel to a room, without the same intensity of intimacy that flickering candles provide. High lights facing the ceiling can give the room really nice lighting, without shining it directly at anyone. Overhead lights can be nice for rooms full of energetic children. Small or tall lamps by armchairs and couches can be nice for reading or doing a crossword puzzle after work, while you are relaxing on a San Diego leather couch or recliner.