Ideal HomeWhat makes an ideal home? Any ideal, of course, is an ultimate aspiration that is very seldom reached. No matter how much love and affection, or time and expense, one puts into one’s home there will always be something that can be improved upon. Pursuit of the ideal is a never ending process.

There are models, precedents and examples to help us with this process. Each year there is held a huge event known as the Ideal Home Show, formerly and famously called the Ideal Home Exhibition. The event takes places in London’s Earl’s Court and is designed to bring together all the various components that combine to comprise an “ideal home”.

From its inception in 1908 right up until 2009 the Exhibition was provided by the Daily Mail newspaper. Since that date it has been in the hands of the events and publishing company Medium 10, who are scaling it down pending the imminent demolition of the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre. The show’s future post-demolition has yet to be considered.

When the first Exhibition was staged in 1908 – at Olympia, its original venue – its objective was to put together everything that was associated with having an “ideal home”. The event provided an opportunity for showcasing the latest housing designs, as well as broadcasting all the most up to date technological inventions for the home. For many years it featured an “Ideal House Competition” in which designs were submitted in the hope of winning an award.

Gadgets and essentials in the ideal home

This first Exhibition ran on a theme of “Phases of Home Life”, chronicling all the various stages of events in the process of erecting and inhabiting a home. This and subsequent shows also included an Arts and Crafts competition. Originally the main objective of the show was as a promotional and marketing event for the Daily Mail.

Whilst the ideal home might contain all manner of enhancements and labour-saving gadgets it will also play host to many features which are considered essentials in any household, such as décor, storage and lighting. Of course even within these fields there are multiple options, and the ideal home will seek to include the best of them.

Exhibitions of this kind also like to show off innovations, such as the most up to date household furniture and low energy home lighting. For those who are looking for fresh ideas and who seek a picture of what the home to which they aspire actually looks like a visit to the Ideal Home Show can be an invaluable experience.