Lightweight motorcycle helmets are a modern innovation and are among the most comfortable motorcycle gear on the market. Back in the 1970’s, motorcycle helmets weighed over 10 pounds, and would actually cause discomfort while riding your favourite two-wheeled vehicle; however, they would protect your head in the unfortunate event of a motorcycle crash, so everyone wore one. Our current technology has allowed for lighter materials to be used in protective gear, which has allowed the lightest motorcycle helmets to be manufactured!

Don’t be fooled, lightweight helmets will protect you as much, and will be just as stylish as their heavy counterparts; however, the main difference lies within the increased price! With that being said, you can expect to pay more for a lightweight motorcycle helmet because the materials will be more expensive!

Helmets That Weigh Less Than 3 Pounds Are Considered As Being Lightweight

As was stated in the first paragraph of this article, helmets used to weigh over 10 pounds when motorcycles were first created; however, the average weight of a motorcycle helmet has decreased to about 6 pounds! With that being said, “lightweight” is a subjective word; some people can think of 6 pound helmets as being lightweight, and others can think of 2 pound helmets as being lightweight.

3 pounds seems to be the industry average for motorcycle helmets to be considered as being lightweight! Popular companies like AFX, Arai, HJC, and Icon take pride in the motorcycle gear that they produce; with that being said, they produce lightweight jackets, boots, gloves, and helmets for your motorcycle!

When it comes down to it, you should be choosing the protective gear that allows you to feel comfortable while riding your motorcycle; if that means wearing a 6 pound skull cap helmet, then by all means wear it! I can tell you from the experience of riding a motorcycle for over 10 years, motorcycle helmets that weigh less than 3 pounds are among the most comfortable pieces of protective gear that you can wear!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Sales On Bell Motorcycle Helmets-EXTREMELY Durable And Fairly Light

Bell has produced the most durable motorcycle helmets for over 10 years. They do not sell the most stylish motorcycle helmets; however, they will rarely dent or scratch. New riders tend to damage their motorcycle jackets, shoes, and helmets the most frequently because they are inexperienced! I would HIGHLY recommend buying one of Bell’s many helmets if you are a new motorcycle rider!

With that being said, whether you ride a 600cc Honda CBR or a 1400CC Harley Davidson Streetglider, Bell will have a helmet that will suit you! They offer every type of helmet, ranging from skull caps to full-face modulars!

Skull Caps Will Be Lighter Than Full Face Ones Because They Don’t Use As Much Material

Regardless of the type of material that a company chooses to use in their full face motorcycle helmets, the skull caps will always be lighter. The simple matter of fact is that skull cap helmets use about half of the material that full face and modular helmet use. With that being said, the half helmets will be much lighter than their full-face counterparts.

However, you must take into account the type of motorcycle that you ride. A person would definitely look weird wearing a skull cap on a 750cc GSXR; you are pretty much stuck with full-face/modular helmets if you ride a sport or touring motorcycle. In the same token, a person that is on a 750cc Honda Shadow would look weird while wearing a full-face model! You must choose the motorcycle protective gear that matches the bike that you ride!

NEVER Buy A Helmet That Is Not DOT Approved, Regardless Of How Light it Is

A handful of companies are trying to sell lightweight motorcycle helmets for cheap prices; you may think that this is an amazing deal, but they are not DOT approved! I am not trying to say that these non-DOT approved cheap helmets will not protect your head in the unfortunate event of a crash; I am saying that there is no guarantee! Remember that DOT does not approve other motorcycle gear such as jackets, boots, gloves, and chaps, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the DOT label on these pieces of protective equipment!

Lightweight helmets for your motorcycle only account for a small fraction of the overall protective gear industry. Head to a local bike shop and you will find all kinds of equipment to protect you in a motorcycle crash. You must also be sure to avoid sacrificing features for weight when it comes to buying a helmet. The last thing that you want to do is buy any of the lightweight motorcycle helmets that do not contain the appropriate padding or ventilation!