Lightweight solo tents are perfect for a wide variety if outdoor activities. If you like to travel lightweight when you hike, bicycle tour, motorcycle tour, or simply want to have an emergency shelter stashed in your cars trunk then a lightweight solo tent may be the ideal tent for you.

Benefits of Solo Tents
Solo tents tend to be lighter weight then regular style tents. If money is not a problem you can find a sturdy water repellant design that weighs in less than 2 pounds. Even if you can not afford a top of the line solo tent you can buy a cheaper version of a solo tent. The cheap versions tend to work almost as well as the expensive versions; it's just that the cheaper ones will weigh more.

If you buy an inexpensive solo tent it will probably still weigh in at around 5 pounds. That is a lot less weight then say a 2 person dome tent.

If you are out hiking by yourself then there is no need for a larger tent, unless you are planning on camping in wintertime in one site for an extended period of time.

Solo tents are usually quick and easy to set up, and if it is cold outside the inside of the solo tent may warm up faster as your body heat will warm up the smaller interior faster than it would say a large family sized cabin tent.

Negative Aspects of Solo Tents
A lightweight solo tent can be very expensive. It is disheartening to pay $500 or more for a quality solo tent when you could have bought a Coleman Family Sized Cabin tent for much less money.

The thing to keep in mind is your intended use. If you have a need for a quality solo tent then the money you invest in the solo tent will be a bargain. If on the other hand you have a large family then the money you incest to buy a cabin style tent will be well worth it. Just don't think about buying a 30-40 pound family cabin tent and humping it in on your next solo hike.

A solo tent is designed for one person. If you have plans of taking your large dog with you or meeting some sexy hippy girls on the hiking path then you may not want to use a solo tent. If you know that you travel alone, will be alone, and you do not stow gear inside of your tent then a solo tent can work great for you.

Where to Buy Solo Tents
You can buy solo tents from a wide variety of outfitters and camping related stores. Many Wal-Mart stores sell an inexpensive although heavier version of a solo tent. You can also look at online retailers such as Cabelas.

The best place that I use to purchase tents is Camp-Mor. They have a wide variety of tents you can compare. Camp-Mor also lists not only the weight of the tent but the actual "Pack Weight". If weight is an important consideration then there is no better place to buy a lightweight solo tent then Camp-Mor.