Lightweight vacuum cleaners are just like the typical vacuum cleaners that we usually see, made better. Typical vacuum cleaners are difficult to move up and down the stairs because they usually weigh a lot. Maybe that's the exact reason why the lightweight version was created. This kind of vacuum cleaner only weights about 10 lbs. Lighter ones are actually almost the same as the heavier ones when it comes to functionality. The reason behind their light weight is that it has less extra features, like the self propelled motor that can really add to the size and weight of the machine. Although it has less features, most models have the same cleaning ability as the heavier ones.

There are many types of lightweight vacuum cleaners. The lightweight upright vacuum cleaner is one. This vacuum cleaner is said to be cheaper compared to others and is recommended for cleaning carpets specifically. A lightweight bagless vacuum cleaner obviously doesn't have a dirt bag but it has filters and a dirt canister. The filters will be responsible for preventing dust and dirt to get into the motor. The dirt canister is made from a hard plastic where the dust and dirt are stored. You don't have to worry about changing the dirt cup because you can just dump the dirt and use it again.

However, the main disadvantage of this type is that you need to clean the filters often to maximize the performance and change it after several months, which is not so economical. On the other hand, the lightweight bagged vacuum cleaner has a dirt bag that is inserted into the machine itself. The bags can also be emptied when they fill up or you can replace it with a new one. All the dust and dirt are contained inside it so you won't have much contact with it. This would be best for people with allergies. It's up to you to decide which would make the best upright vacuum cleaner for you among the two.

A lightweight canister vacuum is another type which is so far the most versatile. The motor and the dirt bag are located in a separate canister which has 4 wheels. It can do an excellent job in both carpeted and bare floors, contrary to upright vacuum cleaners. It is also very flexible because of the attachments and long hoses, making it reach the areas that other vacuum cleaners cannot.

In choosing a vacuum cleaner, design and appearance are not really the keys in getting the best among the choices. It's aesthetics are not the basis of its functionality. You have to consider the type of carpet you have at home or are you just going to clean bare floors. Decide on what type of vacuum cleaner that would perfectly fits to your situation. Size, weight and attachments are also need to be considered. Lastly, you need to choose the lightweight vacuum cleaners that also fits your budget; there are cheap models available that offer good quality and functionality. However if you're really into saving money, you can buy a refurbished unit instead. There isn't much of a difference compared to a new one provided that the seller has a good credibility. It would be a great substitute without sacrificing the quality.