Lil Kingdom is an app made by Glu mobile. The game is currently available on the Apple and Android market. This game is a strategy game that allows players to make a kingdom underground. In this article I will review the game and give you a brief summary.



In Lil' Kingdom, the player starts out on the first level of the kingdom. They are able to dig one level below them at a time and make dwellings for villagers, and make shops of all kinds. As the ruler of your kingdom you can assign each villager a position. You are able yo see your villagers strengths and weaknesses and are able to kick out the villager if you choose, you have complete control of your kingdom.  As you build more and more floors of the Kingdom the game gets harder. On top of running your kingdom, you also will get assignments from the Princess who lives above ground. She will ask you to find an item in your kingdom, and you have a certain amount of time to find it. If you do find it, you will receive a prize. When you open up a shop you can choose to make up to 3 things. The Princess generally asks were those things are so it is important to make them. As you progress in the game, you grow your kingdom by adding more dwellings for villagers and making more shops.

   One thing to consider about the game, is like most Glu games, it is very hard to progress without spending real money. In the game, players can earn two types of money. The first type is regular money that you earn whenever you complete a task. The other type of money is premium currency that can only be gotten by spending real money or downloading apps. You usually start of with a few of these premium currency and you may get one every time you level up, but you usually hae to buy them or download free apps.When trying to progress in the game it can be hard if you are not willing to get this premium currency.


There are many strategies you can implement when playing Lil' Kingdom. The best tips I could give would be to in the beginning not be picky about who works at your Kingdom, once your Kingdom gets bigger, pick and choose who you want to work for you. Another great tip is that when the Princess gives you a task make sure all your workers have finished their tasks, that way you can easily find what the princess is asking for. Another tip is to save your money so that you can buy more floors.




I give Lil' Kingdom a 3 out of 5 rating. I do this because the game is not that fun. After a while, it get's boring playing the game. Below I have listed a few reasons for my review. I color coded the reasons. Red means it was a negative attribute of the game, and green means it was a positive attribute of the game.

  • Nice Graphics
  • Not addictive and does not draw people in
  • Rarly glitches
  • Very time consuming, you have to constantly watch your kingdom
  • It is hard to progress without spending real money
  • It gets updated regularly.

As you can see, this game has some issues but overall it is a good game. If you like strategy games such as bug village or Bigtime Gangster than you will enjoy this game. It is time consuming and can take a while to progress in the game.

Trailer For Lil' Kingdom