Lily Lolo Kabuki Mineral Foundation Brush - Review (28022)


  • Lovley soft kabuki brush with a perfect shape for applying mineral foundation
  • Does not shed
  • Kabuki brush loads and holds mineral foundation well


  • Handle is a little short and stumpy

Full Review

Lily Lolo are a British manufacturer of mineral makeup and cosmetics. As well as a wide range of mineral foundation, mineral blush and other makeup, they also manufacture brushes for the perfect application of mineral makeup.

The key to applying great-looking, long lasting mineral foundation is all in the brush. A soft kabuki brush is the perfect tool for making sure your mineral foundation looks great and lasts through the day. As someone signed up to the Lily Lolo mailing list, I took advantage of one of their discount offers of 20% to buy this - their Super Kabuki Mineral Foundation Brush, which normally retails at £14.00GBP.

After placing my order, the kabuki brush arrived in just a few days, and was packaged in a clear plastic box. The packaging was cheap, but then I cared more about how it performed than how it arrived. It's made from synthetic, rather than natural hair, not that you can tell - it's incredibly soft on my skin and feels as good as the real thing. The advantage of a high-grade synthetic brush is that it doesn't shed in the way that natural hair brushes do, so I wasn't put off by this.

In terms of swirling (and all mineral makeup users know, swirling the brush matters), it's the perfect shape to load the foundation onto the kabuki brush. A quick shake and then a tap on the bottom to get rid of the excess and fully load the brush is all that's needed. It applies my Lily Lolo mineral foundation beautifully, although I'm sure it will do an equally good job with any other brand of mineral foundation too.

In Closing

The only disadvantage to the Lily Lolo Super Kabuki Mineral Foundation Brush I found was that the handle is extremely short and that makes it a little tricky to manouver at times, especially when working into difficult to reach areas. Just a few extra centimeters would make all the difference!

If you are looking for a luxury gift kabuki brush, then I would say that the packaging lets this product down. However, if you're buying for yourself, it's certainly one of the better kabuki brushes I've tried, and definitley worth the money.