Lily Lolo Mineral Blush Sample in Sweet Fig


  • Applies really well
  • Color stays true through the day
  • Samples make the right color selection simple
  • A little goes a long way


  • Some of the shades are very sparkly and iridescent, making them only suitable for evening wear
  • Some shades appear darker in real life, than their online representations

Full Review

Rather than reviewing individual shades, I'm reviewing the Lily Loly mineral blush range as a whole, including detail on the shades I have tried. I have fair to sallow skin, so finding shades that suit me can be tricky. What I like about Lily Lolo is the small sample sizes that they offer, meaning you can try things out before you invest your money in a shade or color that doesn't suit you. What's also great about the entire make up range is that it's all chemical-free and has antibacterial properties.

I'm fairly new to mineral foundation, but having tried the Lily Lolo mineral foundation, I decided to give the blush a try. I ordered samples in the following shades:

  • Sweet Fig, a dark pinky peach shade
  • Oh La La, a matt rose pink
  • South Beach Mineral Bronzer, a pale, sun-kissed golden brown
  • Doll Face, an iridescent pastel pink, with shimmery, silvery accents

Applying with a soft, round headed blush brush, the colour goes on evenly and blends well. A little goes a long way, and a light hand, and a good shake of the brush is necessary to ensure the right amount is applied. What's great about the Lily Lolo Mineral Blush is that the color really does last all day long, even on my slightly oily skin, there was no need to reapply, which really impressed me, as I find many blush's don't last the distance.

My preference is for a natural-looking blush, and my preference in terms of shades has to be Sweet Fig. It is a nice matt pink-brown that looks great with a tan. However, the color is intense and it requires a light hand to get it to look as natural as I like. This would be a great shade on darker skins.

Oh La La is also another great, for a healthy glow. I find some pinks can be too washed-out on my skin tone, and this is dark enough to add contour and depth to my skin. It's a deep rose shade that would also work well on darker skin tones.

The South Beach Mineral Bronzer wasn't a favourite with me. Although it states it's for fairer skin, it was the tone that just didn't do it for me. It's more of a pinky-orange than a golden brown, and as such it's easy to look fake, rather than natural. I did like the matt finish though - sparkly bronzers can look too much at times, and so it certainly scored a few points there. If I were going to use this, it would be for contouring, rather than a one-stop bronzer.

My least favourite was the Lily Lolo Doll Face blush. Designed for pale skins, it's a very pale bubblegum pink, with lots of sparkly white and silver pigment added. Unless you're a teenager or out for a night clubbing, it's just too much for a daytime look. And the pigment was too pale to make an impression on my face, at least.

In Closing

In an ideal world, Lily Lolo would, for me, make a slightly lighter variation of Sweet Fig, as the other shade choices I would choose are only available in shimmer finish, and having seen just how much shimmer was in the Doll Face sample, I'm not convinced that these are going to be worth investing in.

Overall, I love how the Lily Lolo mineral blush applies and wears, and having the ability to choose samples to try is great, but I think a little more can be done to improve the product in terms of shades and toning down the sparkle in their shimmer shades.