An explanation is needed as to why I didn't know anything about the movie "Lilya 4-Ever" before I first watched it in spring 2006. Technically, I did know it was a dramatic, foreign language film in Russian. For a long time I've been avoiding watching previews because they show too much. It would make my first viewing of a film less inspiring as I knew what to expect. At the movie theaters, I would even close my eyes to avoid seeing a peak of it. For me it's better to read subtitles while watching because it would be easier for me to follow the story of the movie. Remembering the characters' names would also be easier. I love to read anyways. Thus, now you know what rugged preparations I have to go through before I watch a movie.

As I reflect the opening scene of Lilya 4-Ever, I thought why she is running furiously around the streets of a modern city. They made the surrounding infrastructure extremely generic. While you are watching from her back and seeing the gray and white cobblestones on the sidewalk, loud heavy metal-like song is playing. The singer furiously sings aggressively in a language I don't understand. Meanwhile, the color emanating from the sky is very similar to the surfaces around the part of the city she's in. It apparently looks like she's in an industrial area as she runs toward one direction and then back the other way. When she ends up stopping on a freeway overpass, you will see what she sees - a freeway with hardly any cars being driven. Finally, you see bruises on her young face. She is also obviously flushed from the high-impact running she was doing.

The reason I chose to rent via Netflix because at that time I've never seen a movie that was created with the Russian language being the main one spoken. It also received good reviews from other subscribers. I believe the overall rating it received was about four out of five stars. A large amount of people also most likely agree with the favorable reviews given. I'm sure of it.

Learning Experiences

The movie was so moving that I recently created a blog that centered on Lilya 4-Ever. Sometime in 2010, I wanted to watch it again, which I ended up absolutely enjoyed. I also thought that being educated could really help individuals forge a mind with potent capabilities. I believe an educated person would be more able to foresee a trick that is being used on him/her. Having knowledge of something could be just anything from remembering information on using public transportation to go to a certain place to figuring out which non-verbal communications you witnessed in the past indicates a person may be lying.

Another idea I came up after watching Lilya 4-Ever again is having the objective for yourself to never be blind towards unworthy people. Only negative emotions could possible come out after finding out you've been nefariously tricked, manipulated, etc. I surmised some people would be unsure who then should be trusted. I say to go ahead and make decisions with your instincts. Trying to achieve something is as important to make good decisions. People should not be tough on others when mistakes are made. Why? It's simply because everyone makes mistakes. Being flexible is important because just thinking there is only one way to do things will handicap you from having the skills to deal with the nature of people acting complicated.

After watching Lilya 4-Ever one time, I finally understood that I should be gracious for what I have. Thus, I changed my behavior and ideals in multitude ways. I am still working on them. To remind myself to be grateful, I think about some of the heavy-heartedly occurrences involving the main character. The sum of all the depressing scenes adds up that does make me feel sorry for the fictional character.

A list of people involved in making the I've laid it out in order and exactly the way you will see iit if you happened to watch the film.

Oksana Akinsjina
Artiom Bogutjorsky
Foto -- Ulf Bromtas FSF
Scenografti -- Josefin Asberg
Kostym -- Denise Ostholm
Musik -- Nathan Larson
Klippning -- Michal Leszczylowski SFK
Producent -- Lar Jonsson
Manus Och Regi -- Lukas Moodysson

Bad News

Right after the credits were seen, a painting of an angel with a little kid was shown. It is being displayed in a house that Lilya, the protagonist of the film, lives in with her mom. The house had a buoyant feel with the way the walls were painted and the furniture was kept orderly. Yet, soon her mom will share some bad news to Lilya while they eat in the dining room. It was so disheartening that the young girl doesn't see her mother facing her when being told the plan is for the girl to stay in Russia. There is only room for two people to go to the United States: the mother and the man who is providing the funds for the one-way trip. That man happens to be the mother's boyfriend. Lilya's aunt, Anna, will then take care of the abandoned child by herself. There's no mention or any scenes involving Anna's friends or family; as you may have figured it out, Lilya's mother is Anna's sister.

Running Out Before She Leaves

Before the character Anna is shown for the first time, Lilya painfully says goodbye to her mother out on the yard of their home. It was emotional as the scene slows down to punctuate the departure as the mother is hurried to get in a car. The older woman's boyfriend drives both of them to the airport while for the time being Lilya sits on a pile a mud while crying. She slid onto it as a dog quietly watches. Before she gave her mother an emotional farewell hug, she was just sitting quietly in her bedroom. Then she decided to run down one flight of stairs to see her mother one more time before she becomes alone. Being by herself is not just an issue for her mental health, but also there won't be anyone to guide her away from trouble. Nevertheless, there is a younger boy in the neighborhood who tries to directing her away from trouble. He's just an ordinary child with an abusive father. The boy, named Volodya, shared his opinion about an important subject matter only to be ignored just because she disagreed with him.

Finally I'm finished

I've written a long-winded partial review of Lilya 4-Ever without revealing anything about the middle or the ending of the movie. I love this movie so much; I'm willing to write another long article about it. In the meantime, I'll share with you what Amazon customer reviewers had to say about it.

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