Cleaning shower doors can be a lengthy task and the more help that we can get to prevent spending hours cleaning them the better. Here are a few tips and ideas to prevent the build up of limescale and watermarks on your shower doors:

Eco Friendly Shower Blade

The leading manufacturer Aqualux have a showerblade which with a quick wipe gets rid if your watermarks on the glass shower doors. There are no chemicals involved which prevents the discolouring of the seals and the easy grip shower blade makes it ideal to use on shower enclosures. The curvature of the blade makes it easy to wipe down quadrant shower enclosures. Not only can this blade be used in the bathroom it is perfect for car windscreens and house windows.

Treat the Glass

Glass guard is a popular spray which before showering you apply to the glass to prevent any watermarks from occurring. This coating will last for many years and reduces less time cleaning in the future. It can also be applied to the tiles which are behind the shower door or shower enclosures making them also easier to clean.


Traditional white toothpaste (avoid green, blue or red versions) with whitening products in them (typically baking soda and hydrogen peroxide) and a sponge/scotch pad combination are handy items when it comes to cleaning the soap scum. Firstly dampen the sponge with warm water and use whitening toothpaste in small sized amounts. Wipe the glass gently with the scotch pad side of the sponge. The toothpaste will eat through the scum, loosening it and allow you to rinse it away with the sponge. Use warm water and work from the top of the glass downwards.

Regular Cleaning

Wipe down the glass regularly after every shower this will prevent future limescale or watermark build up. Use your bathroom towel to quickly give the bathroom a quick wipe down. If you have children then teach them to do the same this will help your bathroom and prevent any mould build up.