Linagpang, also known as roasted native chicken soup, originated from Iloilo City, Philippines.  It’s a winter soup for some but considering the climate in the Philippines, the people consume this soup with rice throughout the year.  Its soup provides a delicious, nutritious meal to Filipinos, especially those hard-working men who have barely time to eat.  It became a staple food for Filipinos, particularly, Ilonggos.  The people who visit their town are very curious about this dish and I would like to share it with you this time.

Preparing the Things Needed

This is a trademark dish.  The first thing you need to do is to prepare the native chicken.  Linapang 1Credit: sure it is clean and free from extra feathers, chop it into smaller pieces and roast it in a charcoal grill.  Always check the chicken to make sure you do not burn it.  Then, grab three medium-sized tomatoes, two onions, two garlic cloves and a bit of ginger.  Roast them together with the native chicken.  Don’t worry about this process, by roasting or grilling these items we are simply bringing out the best taste from them.  After roasting all the ingredients, set aside the chicken.  Take the tomatoes, onions and garlic, remove their outer layers including the charred areas, chop them into small chunks and set aside.  Same is true with ginger, remove its outer covering but do not chop it. Leave it as it is.  Then put them altogether in a bowl.

Cooking Time

Linapang 2Credit:’s start cooking.  Heat two liters of water and let it boil.  Add the native chicken together with the tomatoes, onion, garlic and ginger.  Let it cook for about ten to fifteen minutes, once the oil of the chicken appears on the boiling water, it gives you the hint to add salt, sugar, and other spices you want.  Other recipes include shrimp paste, but it’s still optional because some people are allergic to it.  After boiling it for a few minutes (10-15), remove it from the fire and add one table spoon of evaporated milk to enhance its taste and you’re done!

How Tourists and Travelers Love Its Taste

It’s really amazing that a lot of people who have tasted it come back to the city just to taste this mouthwatering cuisine.  Since the city has a lot of beautiful spots to be proud of, their traditional dish has been featured on television shows, blogs and newspapers. Its unique taste has captured not only the stomach but also the heart of its visitors.