Abraham Lincoln continues to be a legendary figure in American history. He has been considered one of the best presidents and greatest leaders. It is a superb idea to look to Lincoln on leadership.

He lead by example and promoted good character traits. He was a successful leader and there are many things that we can learn from his life and the lessons he taught.

1. Be close to your friends, and even closer to your enemies. Lincoln truly put this into practice. To keep his rivals close, he gave them important positions in his cabinet.

This posed to be very frustrating for him during the Civil War, but he listened to these people's advice. By keeping his rivals close to him, especially during a time of war, he was able to keep them from breaking out of his cabinet and forming pacts with the opposing side.

2. Continue learning. During his legal career, Lincoln
was involved in over 5,000 cases. Even though he never attended law school, he worked really hard during his 23-year career. Because he couldn't afford law school, he found alternative methods to learn what he needed to.

He traveled from city to city in the state of Illinois working as an apprentice. He continued to learn by doing this until he was able to start up his own practice.

Not only did he learn through practice, but he also read a lot. He read thousands of law cases to help prepare him for his cases and polish his skills.

3. Be modest. Lincoln always chose to remember where he came from. He never got caught up in the fame of being successful. He always chose to live plainly. He also chose to wear clothing that wasn't ostentatious and fancy. Being modest helped Lincoln gain the trust of the people.

4. Be accessible. We can look to Lincoln on leadership in many areas. One of them was his great quality of listening to the people.

Wouldn't that be interesting if we could talk with our political leaders face to face? Lincoln especially liked to get feedback on the choices that he was making.

5. Try, try again. Before Lincoln became president, he lost over seven times. He looked at those defeats as an opportunity to run for president again. If Lincoln gave up early in his career, we could possibly be living in a very different nation.

As we look to Lincoln on leadership, there is so much that we can learn.

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