Line App - Review

The Line application is a free app you can download from the iTunes store. This app allows you to make free calls and send free texts. Compared with other programs, there will be no advertisements that will pop up while you are using it. The interface is very clean and minimalistic. In Japan, this program is very popular but it has not gained much attention in America yet. Japanese people love stickers, which is one of the reasons why this program is so popular in Japan. Inside of the application, you can go to the sticker store and buy a wide variety of stickers ranging from characters to famous comedians.


 Adding friends is very simple. When you first install it, you will be required to input your phone number. If another person has the line application and your phone number in saved in his or her contacts, then that person will automatically show up in your friends list. In addition, if your cell phone has the ability to scan QR codes, this app will generate a QR code that can be scanned. This gives you the ability add friends on the go.

 Like Skype, this program also has a desktop version, which is very useful. The PC version is a little bit different from the one used for the iPhone and Android. Having it on your computer, only allows the user to make calls and send texts. Additionally, you cannot buy stickers from the online store and you will not be able to play games. This may change in the future because Line makes updates regularly.  


 Line is very similar to Skype. One of the ways Line separates itself from Skype is that you have the ability to create a profile. With this profile, you get a small page and people can leave comments. In addition, this app also has many games that allow you to connect and play with other Line users. You can also post pictures and status updates. I recommend this for people who want an app that works as advertised.