Many homeowners love to entertain family and friends. Adding decoration to the home and dressing the up the house is part of the process. When a linen-tablecloth covers a dining table it screams special occasion. linen-tablecloths add a touch of elegance and class to the table. Of course since people are eating at the table, food is bound to be dropped or drinks are likely to be spilled or splashed on the tablecloth. Removing stains from linen can be quite a difficult job, although it does not have to be if you know how to keep laundry stains from setting and know a stain removal trick. If the food or drink stains are not removed from the tablecloth, the tablecloth completely loses its charm and beauty. There is only so much a well placed vase can hide.

Some linen-tablecloth Tips

As with any laundry stain, never put a linen-tablecloth which even has a small trace of it in a clothes dryer.

Never iron a stained linen-tablecloth.

The heat of a clothes dryer or iron will permanently set its into the fabric making stain removal virtually impossible.

Whenever you choose to use a linen-tablecloth be sure to buy a bottle of club soda and effervescent denture cleaning tablets to keep on hand in case of a spill.

Keeping Stains from Setting in Linen

As soon as possible and hopefully before it has a chance to dry, blot its with fresh club soda. Flat club soda will not have the same effects as fresh bubbly club soda. Club soda will keep it from setting.

Use a clean, white rag, dampen the rag with club soda and then blot its. Do not rub it because rubbing will cause it to spread.

Continue wetting the white rag and blotting it until it disappears or is noticably lighter.

Only use a white rag because rags that have been dyed any color may bleed dye onto the linen-tablecloth.

Removing Stains from Linens

As soon as you guests leave, drop 1 to 2 denture cleaning tablets into a 1/2 of a cup of warm water and allow them to dissolve.

Stretch your linen-tablecloth out across the top of a bucket with it facing down toward the bottom of the bucket. Always try to work from the opposite side of it for better results. Working from the opposite side of it pushes it out of the fibers rather than sinks them in deeper.

Slowly pour the water with the dissolved denture cleaning tablet over it slowly.

Allow the linen-tablecloth to sit for 30 to 45 minutes.

Pour water over the linen and through it.

Examine the are to determine if it has been removed. If it remains on the linen, repeat the process.

Launder as usual.

Rules to Remember

Always check to make sure it is completely removed before putting the linen-tablecloth in the clothes dryer.

If any traces of it remain, dissolve 1 to 2 more denture cleaning tablets in warm water and pour through it again, allow to sit and then launder.