Link Building Tricks

Lately I have been hearing a lot of people telling others how to get their website indexed quickly. Does it really matter how fast you get your website’s pages indexed? No, the only thing that matters is when you get ranked in the top 2 pages. The problem with getting indexed is that you are probably not even in the top 10 pages which means you won’t get traffic anyway.

For a lot of people link building is something they think they have a grasp on but the truth is that they don’t. When it comes to building links you need to know that quality, quantity, variety and frequency all matter. All this means is that you have to get a lot of really good links from different places over a period of time. Now that you know this, let me show you 5 steps to getting ranked quickly

5 Easy Steps

  1. Article Marketing – Article marketing is not dead, it still works but you have to do it right. There was a time where you could write 1 article and publish it on 100 different article submission sites but that was a thing of the past. If you want each submission to count then your articles have to be different. My advice is either to write all new articles or spin them so they look unique.
  2. Blog Comments – The best part about blog comments is that you can place them on websites that are relative to your website which means that the links are going to carry more weight. The only problem with blog comments is that you will need to do a lot of them in order for them to really have an effect. My advice is to create 10 new blog comments every day that way over a period of a month or two you have a lot of new links pointing to your website.
  3. High PR Profile Links – Something that many people have been doing lately is creating high PR profile links. The best part about this is that you can find profile links on any membership site, forums, and pretty much anything that has a profile page. I would suggest creating 5 of these every day because they are powerful and they are easy to do.
  4. Link Exchange – This is something that most people don’t do properly. Google already stated that they don’t like link exchanges and that is why you need to put a twist to it. What I would recommend is that you find somebody that wants to take part in a good quality link exchange and ask them if you find good link for them if you can have your link on their website as well. Most website owners will agree to this because you are providing a service for them in exchange for something free – a link.
  5. Guest Posts – If you are not writing free articles for other websites in exchange for a link back to your website then you are missing out. The best part about guest posts is that you will get readers over to your site without having to do much more than you are already doing. Instead of placing a new article on your own site try to send it to another blogger who allows guest posts  because 1 or 2 new guest posts every week will make a huge difference in the traffic you get and your ranking on the search engines.

What you need to understand is that if you can do all of these things on a weekly or daily basis then your website will get ranked very quickly. My only recommendation is not to build too many links too fast because this will look unnatural for a search engine and this could get your website flagged.