SEO can be extremely beneficial for your website or blog, and one of the most tedious aspects of optimization is link building. There are many different ways to go about optimizing your site, but link building is the most effective, though it can take many months for the results to take form.

Writing SEO content and linking it back to your site is the best way to build links. The tedious part of this task is writing relevant, valuable content without seeming like you are just trying to write for the search engine. It is often a good idea to have a third party post articles and link back to your site. Additionally, you do not want to post duplicate content to various article sites, as search engines can recognized duplicate content and may penalize you for that.

Part of link building is linking out to other sites or blogs. This can help you become a member of the online community, network throughout relevant sites, and create a reputation for yourself. Proper online etiquette is to link to those who have linked to you, so hopefully those you link to will return the favor.

Additionally, you want to make sure you link to relevant, reputable sites. If you just link out to random sites hoping to get more back links, you will probably lose some credibility.

When creating links, it is important to remember that you may be writing content for people, but the links are actually for the search engines. Each link that is directed to your site not only brings you more traffic, but also raises your page rank. If you place the hyperlink in keywords, the relevance of your page goes up in search results.

In addition, these links function as doorways for the search engine crawlers. They quickly scurry through the link doorways and gather information for each search, the more relevant the keywords are to the search words and the content on the page; the better your page will rank in the search results.

Regardless of how you decide to go about building links, be sure to do so for a few months straight in order to get adequate results. Link building is key for any SEO campaign's success. If you are having trouble getting started, or if you need more advice on the matter, it is always best to contact professional SEO consultants for some added help in the matter.