Methods of Link Building

What is link building?

You may have spent time, effort and money in creating your website to be able to generate web traffic. But despite your efforts, your site do not make it to the page ranking you so desire or at least expected to land into. With this, you need help and link building may be the best solution to address your problem.

What is link building? 

Link building is the art of generating inbound links to your website and the most important factor to gaining long term success and popularity. Link building can make your website search optimized and search friendly. There are several ways to do this like being listed in ezines, newsletters, directories, by reciprocal links, search engines, etc. But the path is not easy. It is time consuming and you may need help from professional link builders to have the task done for you.

For now, your main concern is to know a little more about the basics of link building and how it can help your web site achieve good PageRank and considerable web traffic. The most common method used in link building is link exchanges or reciprocal links, whereby, two webmasters agree to display the other's link on their respective websites. When a sizeable number of sites are linked to a particular site, link popularity is obtained which then helps improve the ranking of a website for search engines.

Before employing link building services, it is important to examine and analyze your web content. Your content should be “linkable”, meaning it must be something unique as presented within its target audience on the web to be link worthy. Furthermore, your content must have unique URLs and your site should work properly, be recognizable, easily navigated and can “be linked to”. Once this is done, link builders start to link to your site.

To receive links in your site, they may use your existing sub domain published content or adjust within-site linking or other owned sites where you have affiliations. The process identifies which pages of your site should be supported with links and what kind of links will be beneficial. Link builders may build new sites or utilize their own existing sites or publish contents on other sites to create an incoming link to your site, and in no time, generate more links for you. As for creating new sites, these are accomplished by link builders to create an extension of your site. This is the most basic form of link building.

More Methods of Link Building

Article writers can also do link building through article marketing and article submission by creating profileImage: vichie81 / FreeDigitalPhotos.netCredit: on other sites linking back to your site.

SEO and link building experts will work on building quality links for off-page search engine optimization to get quantifiable results for your site's position in the search engines. The key to getting good rankings is to acquire excellent amount of inbound links.

What link building practically does

Link building increases sales by generating quality traffic from related sites. It creates awareness, credibility and visibility for your site. It helps the site get indexed by search engines and eventually obtain wider search engine exposure. Today, links have become significant and worth the money. In fact, a link building site capitalizes on selling links which you can buy if you opt not to employ link builders to perform link building in your behalf.

Link Building through Lists and Directories 

Listing sites and professional directories can be additional resources for building links. It is valuable to know how to get high quality, one way links pointing to your website with your keywords in the anchor text, the clickable word part of the link. Professional link builders know the difference between powerful directory links and low quality directory.

Link Building through Web Directories 

Web directories are collections of web pages with similar subjects and content. These directories are extremely popular link building vehicles and considered sources of valuable information. Being listed in directories improves your chances of higher page ranking as well. Websites found in directories can be easily found by search engines and added in their index for free. You can get three kinds of traffic from website directories. The first is click-through traffic, which means that anyone who visits the directory will be able to view your site’s information. The second is through having your site indexed. Directories will index the pages of your web site once the links are found. The third way is increasing your ranking on search engines when a higher volume of links which redirect back to your web site are counted.

Good link building programs by any great link building company bring the marketplace to link to your web content. They can apply content-based remarkable info graphics and interesting technology-based contents such as new systems that make it easy to recommend your content via links, or activity-based content wherein activity on exiting sites such as forums, prompts links to your site from third party locations.

There are also free link building strategies to try out to help you build good links to your site like:

  • ·Link Baiting - post an article people would want to link to.
  • ·Create a resource - something of valuable interest that users can easily point their friends to like a site which offers freebies.
  • ·Participate in blog discussions
  • ·Exchange links - with similar blogs or sites, relevant exchanges
  • ·Submit your site to free directories
  • ·Use RSS feed directories
  • ·Write articles - get them posted on article directories and directory submissions; include a few links on the bottom of each article pointing to your relevant sites.
  • ·Post on writing sites like Squidoo, HubPages, and of course this site you are reading - Info Barrel, create any number of lenses , hubs, articles (whichever they are called in these sites) advertising one or all your websites.
  • ·Post a few of your great articles to social bookmarking networks
  • ·Include your link in your forum signature

Link building must match your site’s particular needs and positioning.  The best companies can build their strategies to suit your particular site’s needs. There are also innovative companies who own a secret network of sites which he then links to your site for a monthly fee. Innovation has no limitation, but of course, innovation requires creativity, skill, perseverance and money. What you just need to avoid are offers of cheap link building or questionable link building packages.