The requirements for a good listing in the generic search results are always higher and the ranking of search methods more sophisticated. Especially the demands on the on-page optimization has risen sharply in recent years and this indeed is known to prepare the groundwork for a good positioning in the search results.

However, one constant has been preserved over the years: the external links. Here too, the demand on the backlinks have increased, and topics of relevance and quality of backlinks to play an increasingly important role.

In older, long-standing web projects this is usually not a problem as they could collect for years, often through voluntary links, quality backlinks and thus are grown in your link structure of course. How does this relate but in new websites? What links here own sources for a link building?

For that I have here a list of 5 link building tips for new web projects created in order to correct this by starting with the back links on the right path to take in the search results:

* 1 Search Engine Optimized Press Releases

      There are interesting news about you or your company? Then use the possibility of press releases to communicate this to the world. You have then a whole range of press services and news archives are available that allow you to increase the visibility of your brand and naturally build backlinks for your website.

Sometimes there is the possibility for various news archives, links with optimized link texts in the press release can be installed, they should then use the SEO for your website. May be through the press releases blogger or website operators aware of your news and then go to her blog or on its website to one with a back link to your website.

* 2 Entries in web directories

Of course, most web directories of Google and other search engines and punished their backlinks become irrelevant. However, there are still a number of Web directories such as DMOZ, an entry is in the perfect sense.

If you are using your website in a niche, then you should focus on the small of your web catalog entries editorially supervised agendas, because with the backlinks you can get your website rank in the front.

* 3 Link building through blogs

      A blog is interesting for any website, because you can connect via trackbacks to other bloggers in your subject area and therefore themes build relevant backlinks for your website. Feel free to not know other bloggers from your topic to talk to them then with important information about your (e) to provide website / company and your products and thus build quality backlinks for your web project.

In some cases it may be interesting, one or more blogs with a free blog hosting to create and incorporate them into your link building. However, you should then allow enough time / capacity to maintain them regularly.

* 4 Links to local websites / portals

Take the opportunity of business listings for the link structure of your website and place for these profile pages with the various industry services. Many cities also offer the possibility of a business listing on your homepage, then they should use it.

      Also check whether there is a possibility to connect your web project with other websites (customers, suppliers or partners) from your area.

    * 5 Links from charitable or nonprofit organizations

      You pay contributions or donations for charitable or nonprofit organizations? Then you leave on their website on the Spender-/Geberliste place a link to your web project.

When you start a link building campaign for a new Web project, then be sure from the outset on the relevance and authority of the link-giving sites. Insert here the focus not only on the extraction of backlinks, but also to the benefit of the links for the user. Of course you should be always careful to link the relevant keywords for your website, and then to rank these in the search results.

You know other options for the link building of new websites? Then you add to this list via the comments function.