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Linkshare reviewed, money maker or not, is an article that will take a stroll through the inner workings of this brand affiliate marketing giant. My experience with this company, spans the last four years. both websites and blogs I've developed in that time have been monetized with this income source.

In 2004 I built my first affiliate marketing website. It was small and cost $9.95 a month to run through Yahoo web hosting. Linkshare was the first company that I joined as an affiliate marketer. It wasn't long before I realized that there where many other similar companies and I immediately joined every one I could get accepted to.

My site views grew every day as I was advertising heavy and the profit from my banners and links began to grow. This became an extra income for me although just a minimal one.

Joining this company as an affiliate is quite a simple process. Pick a user name and then a password and they'll send you the familiar confirmation e-mail. Then sign in and get advertisers that are relevant to the content of your website or blog.

They offer a wide range of creative for all of their many clients and boast programs with large companies such as Walmart and Hallmark. Literally thousands of possible partnerships can be formed and special offers will be sent your way from premium advertisers who like your site.

Payment is by direct check and the threshhold for getting paid is $100.00. I made this my second month back when I started. I have received every cent they ever owed me right on time and never had any issues getting answers to any questions I submitted.

Navigation of the user interface for the dashboard as well as the whole site in general, is quite user friendly. Getting around is no problem. A basic understanding of HTML, how to place links and add code will be useful. There are however how to tutorials and help pages to walk you through each step.

This company breaks down to a good profitable opportunity to monetize a website, or even build one around their partner products exclusively. Their products can also be incorporated with any other affiliate links that already exist within your content. Just add links wherever you think they'll get hit and you're on your way.

Reports are available for impressions clicks and sales with Linkshare right up to the moment and an easy reporting console gives you access to advanced reports when you want them. reports can also be named and saved for future reference.

There is an easy way to apply for advertiser partners just by clicking on one page to get new ads. The page opens and all available programs open for you to pick the ones you'd like to partner with. You can submit multiple requests with one click and they will send you approval emails for each retailer or service provider you sign up with.

After your approved, each new partner will show up on your dashboard under my advertisers. This is a list to all accepted affiliate partnerships you have applied for. I suggest signing up for all that may apply to your subject matter.

Making money with LinkShare can be easily accomplished by all. Anyone will find all the help they need to succeed, within their pages. I think they are a great help, to obtain partners with products to sell, hand you the creative and the code to implement it. So after we read Linkshare reviewed, money maker or not what more could we ask for?