America And Her Greatness

Why Lin Happened Here

Allow me a moment to be patriotic.

My brother was wounded in Afghanistan, my dad was an Airforce man but I have always trended towards peace and passivity. Call me what you want, but I have never understood war.

And yet, when I see old glory being slowly raised and the simple hymn of American greatness being played I shed a tear. Almost every time.

I love this country, more than most things. I believe in her possibilities and I believe in her struggles. We have overcome some incredible adversities and our national infancy has only made those triumphs that much more impressive.

America has a strong and rich history of athletic dominance and prowess. And I love it!

The past few weeks has been, in this writers humble opinion, one of the greatest moments in American sports history. A moment of overcoming obstacles, proving the critics wrong and making the world take notice. A very American moment.

Unless you have been living underneath a rock you have most certainly heard of Jeremy Lin, the 6 foot 3 inch point guard who quickly went from chief bench warmer to the highest scoring NBA player in history (for his first pro games played).

Lin has quite the Cinderella story.

Jeremy Lin's Background

Who Is This Guy?

Lin is a California boy through and through. Born in LA, raised in Palo Alto (San Fran) and the son of two Taiwanese immigrants. He studied hard and made good grades.

It is hard to tell now, but getting to play college ball wasn't an easy experience for Lin. He had applied to many programs, most of them Ivy League but all the Pac-10 schools wanted him to walk on. Only Harvard and Brown offered him a spot to play. He chose Harvard.

While at Harvard he led the team to several records including wins. In the Ivy league he dominated and somehow managed to graduate with a 3.1 GPA in Economics from one of the nations Top Schools.

When he graduated in 2010, his acceptance into the NBA was much like his acceptance into playing in College. Nobody was interested in bending over backwards for him. He did end up securing a bench spot on the Golden State Warrios team and spent most of his first season warming the bench.

He eventually ended up on the New Yorks Knicks, again to warm the bench. Through a series of miracles Lin started playing for the Knicks and the rest is history!