A good tip for making sure that your make up and lips to not look overdone is to always use a lipliner that matches the color of your lipstick, this is because if you use a much darker lipliner and the lipstick wears off your lips are going to really stand out making you look like you have really overdone it on the lip make up.

A good tip to prevent your lipstick from feathering is to use a lip pencil to line your mouth. This is going to help to fill in the lines and will also help to keep your color in place. A good lip primer before you apply your color is a chapstick. This product is excellent at filling in those tiny lines and smoothing out the lip surface ready for a lip application that is going to last longer. Chapsticks make a fantastic lip primer for matt products that give the appearance of the lips looking dry.

If you wear make up on your face its very important that you always apply some to your lips. If you don't you are going to get the look that you are not finished. It might be the case that you don't like wearing lip products, but even just wearing a bit of lip gloss is going to help to dramatically improve your make up and make you look finished.

When you hit the beauty counters you will notice lots and lots of different lip products testers. Which you are free to use and test on your lips. One thing you must never do here, is put the tester products directly on to your lips. For hygienic reasons apply the products to your fingertips, this is because your fingertips are the closest color to your lips and you will be able to see if its a lip color that is going to suit you.

A good way to prepare and prime your lips for long lasting lip make up application, is by applying a small amount of foundation onto your lips using a wet sponge then allowing it to dry. This is going to even out all the lines and give your lips the prefect base for lip make up application that is going to last a long long time.