Getting the best lip makeup is not that easy for people who don't understand how to properly choose the one that will look good on them. In choosing a lip makeup, skin color and a person's looks are to be greatly considered as well as their personal needs. Some like the lipsticks that don't smudge and need the lip makeup that works with a lipstick sealer.

Others who have dry lips, they need to give their lips a tint or vibrant color but have to make sure that the lips are still well moisturized. There are those who don't want to create a mess especially those who have long hair. They just need a lip makeup to matte their lips because the strands of their hairs can get stuck easily in makeup lip gloss.

If the brand of lip make up that is ideal has already been found, choose the right tone and color. Nude tones are best for getting a natural look, while a light pink or peach colors for lip gloss lipstick looks great for people whose skin is fair. However, for those who have an olive skin tone, what works best for them is a berry tone that is lightly tinted. A lip balm or gloss with a little bit of shimmer and shine is best for a natural look. People who have dark skin tone can use a light mocha color. Darker lipstick tones are necessary for those who want to achieve a dramatic look. These looks are usually worn at evening events. It is very important that the color of the lip makeup matches the skin tone especially when saturated and vibrant colors are to be used. There are testers that can be used in choosing the best color in makeup counters at a department store, drug store or makeup stores.

The make-up counters at the mall or your local beauty supply store can give you a makeover for free. Take advantage of these as often as possible. You can learn some great tips. Also, if you don't know how to put on make-up this is your chance to learn. You can even do this at different stores and different counters. This is great for the novice or the expert. They can tell you which looks are the most flattering for your skin color and type. Afterward, you can go home and actually see what you look like in natural light. Sometimes the makeover is too much and you can figure out what will work in the real world and what won't.

Here are some additional tips.

For deep colored lip makeup, unless a funky look is intended, do not use a color that clashes with the outfit to be worn. Do not match the color of the gown and the makeup. They should not be of the same color, but they should just be close to each other. A lip liner is another lip makeup that can be work in addition to lipstick. This makeup helps in putting an accent to the lips. Its color should be close, but not the same as that of the lipstick. It should be a little bit darker. The lip's natural shape should be followed.

The application of lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss make up is not as easy as it seems to be; especially if it is not done properly. This may require a bit of practice to get it right. You should just look for a technique that suits your skin the best. Make sure that lips are properly exfoliated and moisturized for a smooth application.

Apply lip liner starting from the cupids bow in a short and soft stroke. Never apply a lip liner on the inside corners of the lips as it will look unnatural. Use short strokes in filling in the lips. Smack the lips together just to blend the colors, but do not rub them. The line should not go past the original lip line, as this will make it look unnatural. A lip brush can be used for best application of lipstick or have the lipstick applied right from its tube.

For those who want to make an impression, it might be friends or total strangers from work or from a party, lip makeup should not be forgotten. To get an attractive and beautiful looks, it is very important to have an attractive pair of lips. It is equally important that great care be applied when choosing a lip color.

Lip makeup enhances the lip's beauty, but for them to look naturally beautiful make sure to always keep lips moisturized all the time. If your lips are dry or flaky, use a delicate exfoliant on it to get rid of the loose skin. It doesn't take much to have great looking lips.

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