My Experience With Lip Plumping Lip Gloss

After visiting the cosmetics section of my local drugstore with my daughter, I could not resist the urge to write an article about lip plumper lip gloss. I think it's really sad that the pictures that we are surrounded with are of women who were in the most unnatural state possible. I mean, seriously–there are women with enhanced lips, fake eyelashes, breast implants, liposuction and don't even get me started about the cosmetic advertisements that so badly want you to believe that you will look just like the models if you'll buy their cosmetics.

I had to calmly tell my teenager that not only do these models have makeup applied by professional makeup artists, their photographs are usually airbrushed or otherwise touched up and improved before they go to print. This explains why we can stare at a close-up of someone's eye and be envious. We all want to emulate the beauty that we see around us, despite it being almost impossible to live up to those unrealistic standards. This is especially true for teenagers who are constantly trying to emulate society's version of perfection. Lip plumper lips gloss is an excellent example of this phenomenon.

My daughter wanted to buy plumping lip gloss so that her lips would look as full and as “beautiful” as the models. I told her that I did not find the models' lips attractive; rather, it looked as though they got hit in the face with a brick. Their huge lips looked extremely unnatural and I reminded her that as women, we need to appreciate what we have. Now, I do not live in a cave. Yes, I do pluck my eyebrows and I do highlight my hair but when we start getting into fake lips and fake eyelashes, I have to draw the line. I am by no means a supermodel, but I am fairly happy with what I've been given.

I have tried a couple of these lip plumping glosses in my younger days, and have not had any success. I tried to share this knowledge with my daughter not only to enlighten her but to give my wallet a rest. A little bit of lip gloss to accentuate your own natural beauty is fine, but using a product that is specifically designed to aggravate and cause an inflammatory reaction to your lips is just not a smart idea. The one time I used a lip gloss to help plump my lips, it was a disaster. I applied the plumping gloss as directed, and within about a minute, I began to feel some slight tingling. According to the instructions, this was the desired effect. I read the back of the box and was surprised to see that there were various peppers as part of the ingredients. Yes, I said pepper! Within 2 minutes, my lips began to burn. I tried to tolerate it as long as possible before I couldn't take it anymore. I immediately washed the offending gloss from my lips and noticed that there were no positive results anyway. It was obvious that my lips were meant to be as they were; without any unnatural ingredients, enhancements or offending products.

If you do decide to try a plumping lip gloss, use caution and keep your expectations low. Unless you happen to have already full lips like most of the models that advertise these lip plumping products, you will probably be very disappointed and end up wasting your money. It might be a better idea to buy a great shade of lipstick or gloss that can naturally accentuate your lips without harming them. Just don't forget to tweeze your eyebrows as needed.

Lip Plumping Lip Gloss

Lip Plumping Lip Gloss May Add Fullness To Your Lips