Lip Smacker specializes in colored and flavored lip glosses, and creates a perfect balance of lip care and beauty product in doing so.

In today’s modern world where physical looks is a major asset, our lips are one of the most alluring parts of our faces that can capture anybody’s attention granted that they look the smooth and shiny. To add that instant and vibrant sheen to your lips, lip smacker lip gloss is the perfect lip enhancer for you.

What’s so good about lip smacker gloss?

You might be thinking: what’s so good about this type of gloss that sets it apart from other brands? Lip smacker gloss is one of the most high-end lip cosmetics especially because most people tend to be amused by their clever flavors and high-end quality.

This brand is an impressive name because even if it does need much reapplying every 30 minutes or so, this one will last longer than some other more pricey brands. Its staying power is more than average compared to conventional gloss. It also provides excellent moisture to keep cracked lips at bay with a lip smacking shine.

Lip smacker gloss has a myriad of amazing flavors to choose from. This allows you to choose the right flavor for you and even lets you experiment while trying to find the best flavor that will suit your preferences. There are flavors such as the common vanilla and strawberry, but interesting flavors such as 7up, A&W, Root Beer, Orange Crush and many more.

Lip smacker also gives your lip a light tint – excellent for creating a gloss, which of course is the main purpose. However, if you’re a person who prefers heavier tints of shine to give it a slight color, this gloss will not really provide that, but there are specific types that will still provide a specific tint. Some of these are also frosty and sparkly. Basically, you have a wide range of choices to suit whatever mood you're in.

Bonne Bell

In the lip smacker gloss business, Bonne Bell is the brand name for you – because to begin with, this is the company that made this product in the first place. They make cosmetic products that aim to entice young women. They make this gloss from “Caster oil, Beeswax, Cetyl Acetate, Candelilia Wax, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Polybutene, Sesame Oil, Ozokerite, Carnauba, Brazilian Wax Palm, Copernicia Cerefera, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Hydrogenated Soy Glycerides.”

The Bonne Bell Company provides Lip Smacker Collections that are great if you wish to collect the different lip smackers available: the ordinary lip smacker, 100% Natural Lip Smacker, Paul Frank Lip Smacker, Liquid Lip Smacker, Squeezy Lip Smacker, Dr. Pepper “and friends”, Biggy Lip Smacker, Rolly Lip Smacker, Juicy Blooms, Star Glaze, Lip Smacker SPF 24, Color Kiss Lip Smacker, Lip Frosting Lip Smacker, Dazzle Dust, Get Glowin’, Lip Lock, Glitz ‘n Glo, Lip Smacker Sparkler, Party Pack Lip Smacker, Original & Best Trio Collections, Pinky Trio Collections, Image Partner Trio Collections, Skittles Original Lip Smacker, Smackers Sparkle Sacks, Smackers Cosmetic Collections and Smackers Shimmer Body Spray.

Basically, Bonne Belle provides you with a multitude of choices for your lip smacker lip gloss so you choose the type you truly want. They also provide other cosmetic products aside from lip gloss such as eye cosmetics – eye liners, eye shadows, etc. – and face cosmetics – face powders, blush-ons, concealers, etc.

Buying Lip Smacker Lip Gloss

The usual price of one stick of this product costs $1.75. Sets are available in trios and groups of eight (the party pack) and buying in bulk costs less than buying individual sticks repeatedly. Trios cost $4.75 and the eight-pack costs $9.95. It is recommended that you buy just one stick if you’re using it for the first time because this will allow you to test the type of flavor and kind of your lip smacker lip gloss. Buying in bulk or packs follows after if you find the perfect gloss for you.

Buying online from the Benne Bell website is safe and reliable and they will truly provide you with their own products. Buying from other online selling sites such as eBay an Amazon is also alright as long as there are user comments and reviews that will supplement their claims.

Local stores and cosmetic shops also sell this product for your convenience. Supporting your local shop is good and you will be more open to the many options laid out for you rather than buying online without really seeing it first-hand.


Lip smacker gloss is one of the best cosmetic products to provide a natural shine or shimmer and a delectable and unique flavor that lingers on your mouth. Find the best one that suits your preferences and wear it on your lips with pride.