Artists like Britney Spears and Madonna practice lip syncing during their so-called

The question comes down to this: lip syncing, should it be allowed?

The modern music industry is a curious one. Ironically, artists are openly criticized for having controversial photo shoots and explicit lyrics, but at the same time get paid millions for lip synced performances. People seem to have forgotten that the point of music is so that you can listen to it, and so you can watch a prepubescent boy dance and pretend to sing a song that sounds like it was written by an army of three-year olds (you know who I'm talking about). 

Lip syncing is something that even talented artists do, such as Britney Spears, Madonna, and  Justin Bieber (let's admit it, his voice isn't that bad). However, whenever an artist lip syncs, people just ignore it (Especially the guilty party's fans). When Britney Spears lip synced her way through her 90 minute concert, fans just ignored it and kept screaming for their idol - even when Sabi and Nicki Minaj appeared on stage and sang live, which made the blatant lip syncing stand out even more. When Madonna lip synced through almost the entire half time show, there was no angry mob waiting outside to confront her. When Justin Bieber ironically lip synced on American Idol, a show that was supposed to bring actual talent out of ordinary people, the audience simply didn't care. Sense something wrong here? I do.

Lip syncing is a sin. There is absolutely no excuse for a singer to lip sync, even if they are dancing rigorously. They are singers, not dancers, and therefore should focus on their vocal chords and not their arms and legs. True, dancing keeps the show going, but when it interferes with the whole point of the show - listening to someone sing - then the artist should perhaps stand still, or do less rigorous movements. Lip syncing is even worse when the singer is not dancing. When I went to see Britney's Femme Fatale tour and saw her lip sync while sitting on a swing, I immediately had a desperate urge to leave the stadium, and yet her fans still sang along as if their idol was actually singing live. I have thought of two possible conclusions for this. Either their ear drums were messed up by the 'Big Fat Bass' or that they turned a blind eye because their love for Britney was too great.

Femme Fatale "Toxic"(86359)Credit: EPIX

This is exactly the sort of thing that turned the music industry into the twisted mess that it is today. It's not about the music anymore - it's about how you present yourself in front of your fans, and how much silicon you inject into your face. Thankfully, most artists today don't lip sync at all. Songtresses like Lady GaGa, Beyonce and Rihanna continue to sing live even during aggressive dance routines while wearing ridiculously proportioned stilettos. Those who don't dance, such as Adele, and Celine Dion, continue to mesmerize with their powerful voices. Eminem goes to every performance wearing everyday clothes, an ever shining beacon of hope for today's superficial appearance orientated music trade.

Artists constantly take advantage of their fans by charging high prices for tickets to their concerts and then lip syncing the whole way through. This is extremely unfair for the people who pay to see their favorite artists perform lies. This is setting an extremely bad example for future musicians. Thus, lip syncing is a sin, and we should never attempt to ignore it.