Lip tattoo design ideas

Tattoos are made of numerous designs, colors, names and words to present the essence of the character of the person to be inked. But some exceptional cases make it limited by certain bindings.Lip tattoos fall into those categories that do not have such vast modes to show the so-called character representation or reflection of personal thoughts.Within a limited territory it expresses someone’s feelings and whatever he feels to inscribe. Lip tattoos are generally done on the bottom lip but sometimes people get it done on upper lip too or on both the parts.Though the persons having lip tattoos are considered to be hardcore tattoo addicts lip tattoos do not hurt more than others as thought by most of us.


Lips frame one of the basic and important features of face. Proper lips create a smile that attracts people and casts a long lasting impression. They design the statement of one’s emotions in a friendly and well-communicative tone. Lips form the overall beauty of a person and so this is very important that they should be equally proportionate and well-balanced according to the shape of the face. The true definition of a person’s external appearance is determined by lips.

Lip tattoos as permanent lip liners

Lip tattoos can be used as permanent lip liners to avoid the regular use of pencils or lip colors. Women can get rid of applying lipstick or lip gloss replaced by lip tattoos in form of lip liners. Lip tattoos balance uneven lips and provide thickness or sharpness to the perfection.

Lip tattoo ideas 

There are not much scope of patterns and themes to incorporate in case of lip tattoos. Words are generally put to make the tattoos. The commonest words used may include ‘Heaven’, ‘Alone’, ‘Cool’, ‘Rock’, ‘Beer’, ‘Peace’ etc. One may also add his/her creative ideas to make it more appreciable. Some couples and friends use words like ‘Friends Forever’ and get each words inked on their lips. Funny letters and numbers can also be applied to get a newer look.But if someone wants a design to be made it has to be smaller in size like flower or star.


Lip tattoos are carved through different methods according to the nature of one’s lips. One of them is ‘blended lip liner’ in which uneven lips are balanced by a permanent lip liner.The lips appear to be natural with the application of this kind of lip tattoo. Another is ‘full lip color with lip liner’that refers to the technique in which unevenness can be adjusted with the illusion of a lipstick.

What should you do before getting a lip tattoo

Before one goes through the procedure of lip tattooing one must check out a well-trained specialist who has done inking successfully before.  Because lips are sensitive enough to get hurt easily one should be more cautious and well-aware of the facts to take care of.  Removal of facial hair and waxing should be done before 3 or 4 days from the day of the process. Anti-viral medication is also allowed in case of any previous major disease. The person can come to get tattooed wearing her favorite lip color or lip gloss.  Any other guidance can be given by the tattooist before coming for the appointment.


After deciding the color to be used and determining the shape of the person’s lips the tattooist applies a topical anesthetic on the lips to numb the sensation and starts to insert the pigment of the tattoo through needle-piercing. The lips may look lighter or darker than desired but after a few weeks when the healing would be done it would get normalized.

 As lips are highly moistened area the tattoos made on them often tend to get faded very soon.That is why they necessitate extra care and maintenance. The immediate after-care recommended for lip tattoos is to keep the lips dry for a few days and to keep a paper towel in-between the teeth and lips. Alcohol-free mouthwash is advised to be used to rinse one’s mouth after meal and smoking and ointment with Vitamin D can be used too.  Any kind of acidic food is s

uggested to avoid and it is better to have touch-ups from the tattoo artist for the sake of permanence.  Rest of the tips should be prescribed after the procedure by the tattoo specialist.


For various reasons lip tattoos do not last longer than 1 to 2 years. The chemicals present in the mouth absorb the pigments of the tattoos and that is how they cannot stay for long.  Scratching or rubbing may be another reason to eliminate the lip tattoos.  Though an anti-fading cream can be applied to stop the reaction it may not work as effectively as wanted. But in stead one can make use of a cotton paper put between the lips as long as one can to help the ink getting deep inside. 

Lip tattoos