Price Range for Liposuction Procedures

The liposuction price range for liposuction procedures such as micro lipo and facial liposuction performed depends on various factors can be a challenge to estimate. There are several variables to be considered when estimating liposuction prices for advanced lipo. These include the patient’s size, cost of the anesthesiologist’s services, operating theater fees, plastic surgeon’s time and effort, preoperative laboratory fees, the liposuction procedure and machine to be used, clinic where the procedure will be performed and the specific part of the body to be treated.  Obviously choosing one of the top liposuction doctors will add greatly to the cost of these elective procedures.

Liposuction has become more and more popular in recent years as prices for liposuction surgery have fallen and new techniques such as micro lipo and advanced lipo have been introduced  Today it's not only models and those looking for modelling jobs that are interested in liposuction plastic surgery, prices have fallen to where ordinary middle class people are having these elective cosmetic plastic surgery prodedures done.

Liposuction surgery is an elective cosmetic surgery technique used to improve body contour through the removal of excess fat deposits. The subcutaneous fat found beneath the skin is removed by the method of liposuction surgery. Small incisions are made into the skin and a stainless steel tube or cannula, connected to a powerful suction pump is inserted into the fat. The movement of the cannula through the fat breaks up the fat cells.  The fat is then removed from the body with a vacuum pump or a syringe.  New techniques such as micro lipo and advanced lipo are constantly being developed and therefore the typical liposuction price range is difficult to pin down with certainty.

There are different types of cosmetic liposuction techniques such as micro lipo, and these elective procedures are performed on various body parts including the breasts, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms and waist where fat can be removed. When considering a micro lipo liposuction procedure, quality is the primary consideration of the lipo procedure, followed by cost of surgery.

The average price for a liposuction procedure is the sum total of three fees, surgeon, anesthetist and facility. When the fee is calculated, the total cost of the surgical fees and the nonsurgical fees are added up. If the services of an anesthesiologist are required, the fee is added to the total cost of liposuction procedures performed.  Top liposuction doctors obviously command the highest fees.

The following information on the liposuction price ranges will provide an overview of average costs of liposuction and is meant to serve as a guide. These figures can vary from specialist to specialist.  All liposuction price estimates are in US dollars.

Liposuction Price Range

Abdomen (upper & lower)     -    $3000 to $7000
Abdomen (lower)        -    $2000 to $2000
Arms                -    $1500 to $5000
Buttocks            -    $1500 to $4500
Hips & waist            -    $1600 to $5000
Thighs (outer)        -    $1600 to $5000
Chin, neck, jowls, cheeks    -    $2000 to $4500
Thighs & knees (anterior)    -    $2000 to $5000
Thighs & knees (inner)    -    $2000 to $5000
Breasts (female)        -    $3000 to $7000
Back (female)        -    $1500 to $4000
Breasts (male)        -    $3000 to $7000
Flanks (male)        -    $2000 to $5000

Liposuction procedures have evolved over the years with the help of technological advancements. Micro lipo and advanced lip are two of the newest.  However, complacency about liposuction procedures should be avoided. An uninformed decision in choosing a cosmetic surgeon who is not experienced in performing the specific liposuction procedure can lead to the following problems:

•    An incomplete lipo procedure with no evidence or very little evidence to show that liposuction surgery was actually done
•    Irregular, uneven results that cause ugly depressions in the skin
•    Excessive liposuction, that results in the body taking on an unnatural or even disfigured appearance
•    Excessive liposuction scarring

While the average liposuction price range is an important consideration for most people, there are inherent dangers in choosing a cosmetic liposuction surgeon based solely on price. It will not be worthwhile in the long term, if the cosmetic results are bad enough to warrant the expertise of another liposuction surgeon to perform repair work. The patient ends up paying more than they budgeted for their cosmetic liposuction procedure.  On the other hand, choosing one of the top liposuction doctors is not necessarily a guarantee of good work.