Post Liposuction Surgery - Compression GarmentIf you are wondering what the recovery time would be if you had liposuction now, would you be well enough to enjoy friends and family for Christmas. Liposuction recovery can take days to months depending on how large of an area you have treated. Usually a patient can move around less than a week with minimal discomfort. After a week or two you can resume your normal life, but full recovery can last up to a few months, not seeing the full results for up to six months.

Your doctor will recommend compression garments to be worn for several days following your surgery. After liposuction you will be able to walk around but be prepared to have someone drive you home and help you recuperate for at least the next few days. Your doctor should prescribe a pain medicine to help with minor pain. You will also notice drainage from your incisions. This is quite normal and expected as this aids in healing and reduces recovery time. Showers are suggested over baths for the first week. Also during this time you will notice your swelling, bruising and numbness dissipating.

Swelling will continue to go down over the months following your liposuction and you will be able to see your final results. Skin elasticity will depend upon your age and genetics, but the skin should tighten in six months. Your cosmetic surgeon will want you to have post surgery office visits to monitor your healing and recommend a healthy diet so that you can maintain your new figure. It has been reported by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery that patients that do not follow a healthy lifestyle are four times more likely to gain the weight back.

Exercise is also important to maintain your results and each person will have individual guidelines from their surgeon regarding their exercise regimen. Usually most patients start a walking routine three to four days after their liposuction. Walking not only helps to maintain the results of your lipo it also aids in the healing process by fighting against the formation of blood clots in your legs. Levels of exercise increased over time, but vigorous exercise is avoided for at least the first month.

Christmas is only a few weeks away so right now would be the best time to have liposuction surgery because most of your pain and swelling will be behind you and you can enjoy all the festivities. Make sure you find an certified cosmetic surgeon that is experienced in liposuction to get the results you desire. Merry Christmas.